Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What’s the right remedy for the financial crises?

Below, the analysis from the lab, dated Friday, for the vineyards due to be harvested in 10 days:

Alcool 13.00 % vol
PH 3.37
Total Acidity 4.09 g(H2SO4)/l
Malic Acid 2.7 g/l
Tartaric Acid 6.5 g/l
Nitrogen 123 mg/l

Young Merlots
Alcool 13.12 % vol
PH 3.49
Total Acidity 3.96 g(H2SO4)/l
Malic Acid 2.9 g/l
Tartaric Acid 6.5 g/l
Nitrogen 205 mg/l

What’s the right remedy for the financial crises?
Supporting banks and insurance companies is immoral, but doing nothing is dangerous, and in the end, regular citizens will be paying for the damage.
Yesterday, during lunch with people of quality (heads of companies, ex-bankers, political figures) I heard some opinion which sent shivers down my spine!
This crisis will allow the USA to bring back billions of Dollars from coffers in China and oil producing countries?
In fact this crisis is similar to the property-wholesaler relationship in Bordeaux, one holding the other one hostage.
I also heard a frank statement from another politician (which is rare in this profession), in this high spirited evening, at least in regards to the subjects discussed, regarding the Evin Law: don’t expect this law to be struck down. It will actually be reinforced. Such a subject as alcohol is politically incorrect and wine won’t be an exception. A word to the wise is enough!

My colleagues attending think that the problem of the wine industry is not the Evin Law but the lack of having a lag company (such as Pernod-Ricard and their brands), and the lack of margin in France due to mass merchants, therefore the inability to finance prospection for export.

As for me, I have it all wrong: I spend my time looking for funds to finance my growth, too fast this year. Only this week, 2 of my sales people are traveling throughout France to participate in sales promotions and Xavier, Xin and I are abroad all week.

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