Friday, September 26, 2008

The economy : my rebellious (lefty-catholic?) side is still sleepy

The real question should be : « should working people have to pay for the mistakes of speculators?”
I feel uncomfortable when speculators pocket billions without working – just speculating. Don’t they realize that trees don’t grow beyond the sky and that work is the source of wealth? The taxes on their profits were certainly not as high enough as the cost of today’s catastrophe.
What’s more astonishing is that this hardcore free-economy country now calls on the state for help. Are we walking on the moon, or on our head, aren’t we?

Will the financial crisis affect our sales? This was asked to me by a journalist from Agence France Presse.
It is difficult for me to be pessimistic: our wholesale business is selling well, thanks in part to the deliveries of the 2005 vintage. In addition, our sales strategy is now starting to be understood by our clients in Bordeaux, France and the rest of the world.
While this crisis will certainly affect many lives, our small company can still increase its revenue and sales, for it is positioned in luxury product and will suffer less than the low end segment.
I will have a better idea after traveling around the world between Hong Kong, Shanghai and the USA where I will be in a couple of weeks!

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