Monday, September 1, 2008

Lots of blog activities

It put me in good mood when I read the great comment Herve Bizeul wrote on August 8 2008 and called ”Garder le cap , (keep the course), read again Zenon (my god, I don’t know him!), keep on doubting”…
I’ve already been asking when will a real blind tasting take place between great wines from Languedoc and Roussillon and Chateauneuf du Pape and Priorat? A sort of review between quality and price.
Well, in any case, I will seriously check out Zénon d’Elée. Thanks Herve;
I also recommend the comments written on his blog, some are aggressive. Could it caused by the stress due to the harvest? Perhaps? I must point out that I have different kinds of friends and that I don’t seem to be able to ease their relationships (even though I’ve been a bit trying).

Friday evening, 4 of us had dinner at the fine restaurant of Hotel Régent in Bordeaux called: “Le Pressoir d’Argent” (+315 57 304 304). The staff was attentive, the sommelier knowledgeable, the prices for the wines on the list seemed alright. Still, many wines are missing from the list, but we could still find something to please us. For instance, a good Meursault Charmes 2004 from Michel Bonezeau and especially a 2004 Spanish wine from Bernard Magrez in the Torro appellation named Pacienca, rich and still easy to drink with pressed lobster.
We had a very good meal, maybe a bit too expensive due to the lobster from Brittany, which should be served for 2. Shouldn’t a good dish be served in small quantity? The Crabe Royal deserved its name and was remarkably cooked. It is worth choosing if you’re on a budget and can only eat an appetizer (48 Euros).
We finished with a good coffee (no desert) and the price for the meal was in line with the quality offered. Next time, I will probably take the “small” menu which costs (only) 120 Euros…

I watched on the Senat public channel a program on the “crisis” in the wine industry with guests such as Mr. Cobold, Marty, Desseauve… In any case, it is good publicity for the Bettane-Desseauve 2008 guide!

A politician present said that the Languedoc-Roussillon was the up-coming region and this is true. I hope that French and foreign consumers will also be convinced! In the meantime, our Calvet-Thunevin cellar in Maury is almost finished and will be ready to receive it’s first harvest. Next Monday, we will host our partner/distributor in the USA with his sales team. As Mr Desseauve rightly said, it is not a swearword to “make wine to please our clients”.

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