Friday, September 12, 2008

The Cercle et much more

Well, back to the Cercle de la Rive Droite, where I represent Château La Commanderie de Mazeyres. I find normal that every member, rich or poor, big or small, pays the same amount for the membership fee for we all get the same service and have the same power: 1 vote/1 voice.
As we say the “egg and chicken” situation… If we didn’t promote the Cercle, who would do it? Promoting the Cercle will certainly increase its visibility.
By using the ratings from Parker to Bettane, and others, I also help raise their notoriety with consumers.
It’s the “give-give”, “win-win” system, etc…

The Cercle des grands vins de la Rive Droite meeting took place at Château La Couspaude in Saint Emilion. Every day, I thank the people in charge of such organization, or association for I could never do it.
For instance and as I personally experienced, the fact that I selected and reduced the numbers of chateaux who present their wines with mine (even though this promotion has been only offered and organized by me), I don’t get friendly greetings from people who previously considered me their “friends”.
That’s the way life goes.

The lunch in the restaurant Le Grand Barrail, which followed the presentation from the bank Société Générale, was nice and the wine from Jean Luc Sylvain was very good. Time flew by too quickly!

Restaurant : this morning, when I saw the fleet of frozen-food trucks delivering their goods in the village, I felt that the restaurant industry, which is rightly requesting that the VAT be brought down from 19.6 to 5.5%, should create, at the same time, a similar label as bakeries: one for fresh food/ one for precooked ready-made frozen meals!
As for wine merchant: some distribute wines which sell. It’s a different business.

Why would mineral water sold in plastic bottles be considered bizarre or not as credible than a Grand Cru in a Bag-in-box?

I read in Le Parisien: 1500 pesticides have been banned. It is not too late to do a good deed. Still, we are far from the sensible targets set by environmentalists. In any case, lets not loose hope on our politicians.

Bellevue de Tayac 2006 is now bottled and Clos du Beau Père and Vignobles Fayat-Thunevin will be done this week. The late harvest has some benefits…

Below, pictures sent by Pascal Carrère, the architect of our cellar in Maury.

What is not shown in these pictures: Photo voltaic cells, Canadian well, safety standards, quality of the inertia, 900 tons of stones from the Gard, etc…
It is easy for you to come and visit if you are in the area.

I recommend to read, if you are interested, comments posted on Jacques Berthomeau’s blog (in French) regarding the Saint Emilion classification and his vision on what needs to be done (which I agree). You can also read his opinion on Chabalier and star-blues.

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