Monday, September 29, 2008

Flor de Pingus, time for the harvest and good reading

This weekend, before I leave for Hong Kong and Shanghai, I went around the vineyards with Murielle and our big dog, Max.

The calm before the storm: the white grapes are maturing well, as much in taste as in ripeness, the cold nights (between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius), are ideal for the flavor or our Sauvignons Gris, Sauvignons Blanc and Semillon.
The Sauvignons Gris were picked this morning and the whites will be picked at the end of the week.

As for the Merlot, it looks like there is some blockage. The ripening process has stalled, as if the bad Summer weather stressed out the vines, the effect of a real drought, as if it wanted to test our nerves. The next 15 days could still produce a miracle. This morning, I thought about 1983 and the successful Palmer and Margaux. Why, when similarities don’t exist – despite what is commonly said – 1978 (late), 2002 (low yields), 2001 could be good.
Nice meal at Murielle’s parents with snails (yes) picked in Bel Air Ouÿ and perfectly cooked (ask Murielle for the recipe). We drank Flor de Pingus 2003, my father-in-law’s favorite’s wine, served at the right temperature, it was simply the perfect match. This wine is incredible rich, almost like a Maury, certainly a southern wine, but so appropriate for this moment, this dish… Too bad that we taste so many wines and drink so few without questioning them.

Why this little comment? I read 3 books in no time. Rubbish on Carla Bruni, a second and very interesting book, which will become a hit due to the PR it got on Michel Drucker’s TV show. This book “In Vino Satanas” from Denis Saverot deals with dozens of themes including the stupidity of prohibitionists who, wanting so much to impose their views will end up creating the opposite. It was a useful book, even though it was a bit opinionated.

The 3rd book from Dupont helped understand better (probably voluntarily) this great critic from the magazine Le Point. It is now understandable why he likes so much women winemaker, why he likes “little crus”, I realized that he will never like Valandraud (the wood) and that our success is a bit of a handicap for him, for us…?
It doesn’t matter, he’s coherent, competent, and his book, which I still didn’t finish, reads like a novel.

Sunday, I read in the newspaper Sud Ouest a full page on my friend Jean Dutruilh and his Croix Figeac. Bravo

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