Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soon the harvest

Following Oz Clark book signing at the CIVB, we had dinner at L’Entrecôte. If you have no problems queuing up in front a restaurant in Bordeaux, you should go to L’Entrecôte (Cours du XXX Juillet in Bordeaux, across the street from the CIVB): fries, sirloin with a nice and slightly acid sauce, all at a very attractive price (17 Euros).
Unfortunately, the wines they carry are OK but more like table wine. The atmosphere was friendly and the customers a mix of young and old. This unpretentious establishment located in a great area has been successful for more than 40 years.
The first time I ate in one of the restaurants L’Entrecôte (it is part of a small chain), was in 1968 in Toulouse. During my previous life in the department of Ariège, as a lumberjack and forestry worker, I was a partier, always going to local village dance parties and night clubs. There was plenty of them in Ariège and Toulouse (rue Saint Rome?).

I visited the vineyards where a few young vines are starting to suffer, in other words they’ve reached the end of their vegetative cycle and the ripe, and almost ripe, grapes are fragile and some are starting to rot. We will have to do some selective picking. Luckily, it’s been our method since our first vintages and it was certainly much harder then when we had no money.

Some of the plants in front of the cellar of Prieuré Lescours are ready to be picked. However, the good, even the very good news is that the harvest of both white and red can start on Monday 29. We will first start with the Sauvignon Blanc and Gris which seem to me our best since the 1st vintage (2003). It has already been 8 years since Murielle started pampering these vines and each year, the wine produced is better than the year before. Only missing are comments from a few well known journalists and a few blind tastings…

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