Monday, September 8, 2008

2005, notes

In the last issue of the Wine Advocate, the notes for good value Bordeaux 2005 were revised. Vive Fronsac where many wines were listed, including:
Château La Vieille Cure 93 points
Haut Carles 89+ points
Château Haut Mazeris 89+points
Château La Dauphine 90 points

Also included,
Lalande Borie 90 points
Bad Boy 88 points (Correction : The price is more around 25 to 30 dollars) – Not getting a good enough note !
Château Faizeau 90 points
Château Agassac 88 points
Château de Beaulieu 89 points
Château Laussac 89 points
….. etc…..

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