Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nostalgia, Edith Piaf and Angélus

Monday, I attended a tasting organized by the Alliance of Crus Bourgeois from Médoc for the Bordeaux marketplace (wholesalers and brokers from the Gironde). Large and small wholesalers, large and small brokerage firms attended as well as many Crus Bourgeois owners.
We were presenting the 2004 vintage (we still have 28 000 bottles to sell) and 2006 (nothing left at the domain). The inventory at chateau Clément Pichon is quite low, and this is not a bad thing.
There was a good atmosphere. It felt like the beginning of school. This was helped by the nice weather which seems to stay till the end of the week. This shows how unpredictable it is to have an accurate forecast with wine.

Bottling is taking place in the cellar as well as a few things being tighten in the vineyards. The whites will most likely be picked next week. It is crucial to wait!

Anthony Perrin from Chateau Carbonnieux gave me the idea for the title of this post – Nostalgia. I should have written Nostalgeria for this small world of pieds noir, French citizens born in Algeria, is sad to not to see the smiles, the closeness, the friendliness and empathy. I regret not being able to spend more time with him. His death brought us closer to his family (in the broad sense of the word).

This nostalgia was again present Monday night: Chateau Angelus invited a lot of people, including some special guests for a recital given by Jil Aigrot (who interpreted the voice of Edith Piaf in the film La Mome – La Vie en Rose in English). Her talent, her classy interpretation and the talented musicians were in par with the finest Parisian stage… this event, celebrating Edith Piaf, the movies was not to be missed and Angelus showed its talent in communicating in films. The wines served after the show and the atmosphere reminded us, at least Murielle and I, that we really are in a great profession.

One more point about Nostalgeria… Edith Piaf’s greatest love, and it’s not much to describe her life, was one of our most famous pieds noir: The boxer Marcel Cerdan.

Algeria… Algeria, when will I have the opportunity to see it again? “My Lord, it’s so beautiful, it breaks my heart” (“Milord”, words by Georges Moustaki).

In the meantime, Kinette is curious to go to Maury to see if I tell the truth. Watch out Kinette, the Tramontane wind is dreadful for hats…

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