Friday, April 30, 2010

Here we go

Already more than 50 wines have been released, and for some, sales are brisk, thanks to the quality of this 2009 vintage and, of course, the notes from the Wine Spectator.
Thank you James Suckling for having woken up the American market for regular wine, meaning wines sold for less than US$30.

Regarding my wholesale business and wines that are working well, either because we sold out or because we bought them for our inventory (Gentlemen banker, I know, it’s not good), here is my list as of the end of April 2010 :
Domaine de l’A, Aster de Beaulieu, Cote Montpezat, Clos Floridene, Godeau, Franc Maillet Cuvée Jean Baptiste (exclusivity), La Mauriane, Mauvais Garçon (exclusivity), Malromé Cuvée Adèle, Mont Perat red and white, Tour des Termes, Tour Maillet, Vieille Cure and Sansonnet. Today, some of my friends’ wines : Moulin Haut Laroque, sure value in Fronsac, same with Faizeau in Montagne Saint Emilion, and Jean Guyon’s wines especially Rollan de By and Haut Condissas


Yesterday, I learned the following definition: " physicians sharing illegally their fees."
For a hypochondriac, this is a terrible word. For someone like me who’s afraid of disease and doctors, I must find words to counterbalance this one!

I thought that the good notes Parker gave me would calm me down, well ... yes ... but some friends who are not used to get average notes and really suffer from them, are tampering my happiness.
What's great about Parker is that he tastes wines several times and is able to change his opinion.

We celebrated these notes with Michel Puzio (Croix de Labrie 92-95), Michel Gracia (96-98) and 2 other famous wines : we were at least 10 to drink Ruinart Blanc de Blanc, Roederer Brut and red wines : Peby Faugères 2000, very good, Troplong Mondot 2007, one of the best 2007 actually noted again 93/100 by Robert Parker, and Valandraud 2007, not noted again but still very good – but I’m partial. I left, but they went on with Haut Carles 2005, Gracia 2000 and Beau Père 2006.

Valandraud 2007 was not noted again for no one asked me for a sample to be reviewed. Goes to show !

In any case, 2007 will be forgotten for some time as our clients are now focused on 2009 and in a “cooperative” spirit on the previous vintage 2008, where there will be good deals to be found.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good day

Tuesday, April 27 2010 : Annual lunch offered to Bordeaux brokers and wholesalers who buy Bernard Magrez's wines : Pape Clément red and white, Grands Chênes, Magrez Fombrauge and Fombrauge red and white.

Before this delicious meal and wines from the property, 2009 tasting. All very well made. Bernard Magrez spoke about communication and friendship, Montaigne and La Boetie.

For dinner, we were invited to Jean Marie Amat's restaurant in Lormont (Château du Prince Noir). During the meal, we spoke about Spinoza, friendship, also quickly, life passing too fast: these moments also too fast. The Dorade Royale was… “royale”, Cristal Roederer 2002 sublime, Mas Daumas Gassac white 2008, fortunately followed by Carbonnieux Blanc 2008 J, a nice bottle of Mouton Rothschild 2003, this vintage is definitely atypical, and to end joyously Lalande Borie 2005 and there, vive this vintage!

Parker's notes were published before and during the meal, which made Murielle and I even more happy because for the first time since 1991 we got a note above 95 for Valandraud 2009 with 95-98.

Many good notes for my friends' wines, where Robert Parker's power will boost sales, at least for the lesser known wines.

In the same issue of Wine Advocate, Peter Sisseck “rocks”.
Pingus 1997 got 99, Flor de Pingus 94 and Amelia 97. Bravo!

Now, we just have to wait for the releases, with prices and quantities...

Tim Atkin & Jean Marc Quarin

Good notes and comments were posted by the Master of Wine Tim Atkin on his site, Valandraud 96/100, behind Cheval Blanc with 100/100 and La Dominique with 94/100, in front of Virginie de Valandraud with 92/100.

Jean Marc Quarin gsave good notes to the whites: Château Lafont Fourcat, with one of the best comments possible. This will create even more demand and we already ran out of stock.

Valandraud blanc N°1 and N° 2 got good notes as well as good and encouraging comments. Murielle and her team don't only make red wines, but also whites, with all the energy possible for this challenging project in Bordeaux, for white wines are only considered 3rd fiddle after reds and sweet wines, maybe just before roses and, of course, cremant last.

This is another challenge I started with my colleague Lionel Lateyron.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Wine Advocate

Latest sighs, latest forecasts, last hopes, milk jugs, castles in Spain, dreams of grandeur, social position, first in the class, self-esteem, competition, price increases, simply wine sold to everyone: Parker’s notes on Bordeaux 2009 vintage are important.
Large or small chateaux, classified in 1855 or newcomers, wine growers, brokers, wholesalers, distributors and customers, many people in the Bordeaux wine world are affected by Mr Robert Parker’s up-coming notes (expected on the night of April 27/28).
Every year is the same story, only the 2009 vintage has something more, a new item: the response of the large Chinese market, where cellars still have no past vintages, empty of competing wine, because Bordeaux is still the reference. And this added to the effect of a great vintage plus speculation which can give cold sweats to even the most seasoned professionals.

On another subject, although…, Peter Sisseck (Pingus) and Jacques Thienpont (Le Pin) announced their intent to buy vineyards in Saint Emilion. Proof that there are still great terroir for sale in Saint Emilion, that Saint Emilion can also make these 2 stars dream, and this is good for Saint Emilion (in my opinion).

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Friday afternoon, I went to Bordeaux to tape France 3’s local news for Stéphane Toutoundji (his blog : The 5 sense) enologist and his partner Gilles Pauquet, to talk about the primeurs 2009, I suppose.

On Stephane’s blog, I read a thought, posted on April 8, I’ve shared for several years (6/7 years): Journalists and professionals will systematically taste well known wines, even in “off site” places: How can we be part of it? That’s the question.
In Mark Squire’s BB, free on Robert Parker’s site, Robert Parker posted his comments on the price of the 2009 futures and the release of first growths.
On dé (in French), my friend Patrick Essa posted his tasting notes on a few 2009 Bordeaux. It’s in French, which is handy for me…

On La Passion du Vin, Bertrand Le Guern posted his statistics where the average is quite high for many wines and proves the quality of the vintage.

Hong Kong, suite: 2 interviews with 2 of the 3 Masters of Wine working in Hong Kong. In addition to this prestigious title, they are also attractive journalists: Jeannie Cho Lee (originally from Korea) and Debra Meiburg. The questions were simple, fast, a bit unconventional in this context. This is the renewal place for media and the birth of new stars. Just look at the success of Lafite and 30 brands in this vast market.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hong Kong

Finally, I am back in Saint Emilion.
I was only delayed for 2 days. This, thanks for being an important Air France customer. My platinum card allowed me to be on the priority list.

Besides having to wait for 2 days, we had to wait for 9 hours in line in Hong Kong’s airport with no information, rumors within the lines and of course, my inability to speak English. I kept on calling Cécile to see if she could get more info from Air France in Bordeaux, a ticket, some hope, etc… I also called Greg Brossard, who was my life-line in Hong Kong. I was happy to finally get on board the plane to fly back to Paris, then Bordeaux.

This first tasting event for the 2009 futures went very well, even if some Hong Kong professionals were surprised by the skepticism of our partners’ competition. All our wines were showing very well and the 300 people who attended noticed this vintage’s high level of quality and even made some pre-reservations, or at least stated what they intended to buy! There won’t be enough wine for everyone, but that’s another story…
Hong Kong, with 600 professionals is becoming a platform for wine sales, and not just for Bordeaux!

Spring is well established and the vineyards are beautiful. The futures campaign has already started, with the successful Mont Perat and Aster de Beaulieu and we are starting to run out of our allocations for many wines.
With our “privilege”, Chateau Tour des Termes, with its great quality-price ratio, is selling well, and I suppose that we will not have enough Château Haut Marbuzet and Clos Floridène.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

3 de Valandraud 2009 part of Right Bank Wines recommended by Neal MARTIN :

A dozen recommended 2009s:
Château Beauséjour-Bécot (well done Juliette!)
Château Bellefont-Belcier
Château Canon-la-Gaffelière
Château Canon
Château La Croix Figeac (great wine, really stood out from the pack)
Chateau Grand Corbin Despagne
Chateau Grand-Mayne
Chateau Montlandrie (an impressive Côtes de Castillon)
Chateau Moulin Saint Georges
Chateau Pavie-Macquin
Chateau La Serre (pet favourite of mine from JP Moueix)
No. 3 de Valandraud (remarkably good, even against Jean-Luc’s number ones and number twos.)

2009 No. 3 de Valandraud 91-93
Tasted at Ets. Thunevin. This has quite an elegant bouquet with blackberry, boysenberry, a whiff of smoke and scorched earth. Good definition and not over-powering. The palate is medium-bodied with fine balance and very good cohesion. Silky smooth tannins, great minerality...if you served this blind I bet a few sceptics would be surprised/aghast(?) at the winemaker. Very assured and very delicious. Tasted March 2010.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clos de Beau Père

2009 Le Clos de Beau Père 87-89

Tasted at Ets. Thunevin. This has a very rich, opulent nose of macerated black cherries, kirsch, blueberry and a touch of damson jam. The palate is full-bodied, very toasty with a lot of new oak, rich black fruit with a savoury twist, showing good definition towards the finish. To be honest, this more hedonistic style of Pomerol is not to my taste, but there is a craftsmanship and purity that should bode well for the future, and who appreciate this style of wine more than myself. Tasted April 2010.

Neal Martin /Wine Journal

Still waiting...

... I hope that air traffic will start again : Maybe I found a solution to leave Hong Kong tomorrow to go back to France... To be continued
.... When is the Wine Advocate going to publish its notes for 2009...

In the meantime, Neal Martin is starting the week with his report on Pessac Léognan red and white, and the good note of 90- 93 that Wine Spectator gave to Mauvais Garçon (Bad Boy) 2009 increases the demand for this wine.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Traffic forbidden

"Question of the day: will the wind change direction before Sunday so my flight Hong Kong - Paris is not cancelled ?"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Primeurs 2009

The campagne started with the release of Mont Perat, Girolate, Marjosse blanc, Tour de Pez, Tour des Termes, Côtes Montpezat « Compostelle »….

Neal Martin began publishing his notes for the left bank : one appellation per day, and Jancis Robinson also wrote about the left bank 2009 in the Financial Times listing Clément Pichon in the good value section


Recently, Chateau Talbot organized a presentation of the 2009 vintage for his wholesalers/distributors. Connétable de Talbot, Caillou Blanc and Sénéjac were also presented along with 2008 before bottling and the 2007 and 2006.

To be clear, 2009 has incredible ripeness. The Cabernet Sauvignon are wonderful, with exotic fruit and not at all classic, old style Bordeaux, but God is good. Ripe fruit, therefore, purity of style, I would have loved to make this wine!
2008 will, most likely, be a good and top Talbot, but actually 2009 marks a clear change, with investments in human resources plus the technical development. This cru, which was already one of the favorite wines of Bordeaux trade (and clients), will probably be a favorite with critics (Wine Spectator : 92-95).
The evolution of Sénéjac towards organic certification proves again that planning, means, help from friends, are paying off. To quote a famous critic: Bravo!
The warm and welcoming atmosphere felt from this cru, my happy colleagues, here no waffle, no "pressure". This cru - and its leaders – are confident and have friendly dealings with their customers. We are not in these power relations often lived elsewhere.
The meal that followed, served quickly, was very good as usual, and the icing on the cake (hint, generosity): 1945 Talbot in magnums was served to everyone attending, amazingly young, served fresh - at cellar temperature - probably to show the obvious connection with 2009 with its Cabernet Sauvignon picked ripe and exotic in 1945 (when will I drink a 1945 Chateau Mouton from their own cellar compared with a 1945 Mouton from a private cellar in Bordeaux?).

The same evening, we received friends at our house: one of Murielle’s former colleague when she worked at the hospital in Libourne, Chantal Rigal with her joie de vivre, and a cheeky smile “titi Bordelaise” (she could be in theater), made us laugh, eat quality products and drink well: including our Fayat Thunevin-Pomerol 2006.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bizarre, bizarre

I recently read a book given by a friend (during the weekend of the storm, on February 27 and 28) and written by Roald Dahl titled « Bizarre ! bizarre ! » (English title: “Someone like you”)

I made a bet for a blind tasting of Branaire Ducru 1934, which was a good pretext to offer this book to all the wine (and Branaire Ducru) and blind tastings enthusiasts. But it is not the only reason, “Someone like you” also contains a lot of absurd, tragic endings, watch out for caviar if you like art, try not to mistake a servant with a mustache with a gentleman, even one wearing glasses with an American…

We hosted many people, Koreans, Americans, and meals at home or in the restaurant Marronniers in Montagne with nice bottles: La Grande Barde 2005, Château Saint Georges 2003, Beau Soleil 2006 (sold at a nice price) and a classified growth 1995 which, fortunately today, is very good.
At our house: Whites, some 2009, Compassant 2004, Clos du Beau Père 2006 and Sabines 2006 and of course Lafite Rothschild and Valandraud 1998, very different. When you think that people consider that Valandraud is a concentrated wine ! Taste this Lafite Rothschild 1998 which is still too young to drink today !

2009 : comments

Kevin Shin, on Mark Squire’s BB (, posted his impressions and liked the 2009 vintage very much. Here are a few notes he gave to the 2009 he tasted : Valandraud and Marojallia got nice notes: 96-98, Gracia 95-97, Flor de Pingus 96-98 and Pingus 98-100. I must admit that he is part of the amateur clients and fans of Valandraud

On the website La Passion du Vin, like every year, Bertrand Le Guern (ex Luxey) posted his incredible work of compiling notes.

The March 22 issue of WeinWisser (in German) features a big tasting of Egon Müller’s wines, as well as Tenuta Di Trinoro, Ducru Beaucaillou and Valandraud.
The 95-96-97-98-99-2003-2004-2005-2006 and 2008 vintages were noted, with very nice notes and probably good comments (in German).

We drank, with our meal and a paella, Quinta Sardonia 2006 ( I already said that I like this wine) as well as a wine given by a Swiss friend :
Chamoson 2006 Syrah Vieilles Vignes from Simon Maye and Fils in Saint Pierre de Clages in Switzerland : 13.2%, a very good wine with strawberries, violets, soft palate, a real pleasure.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Here we go

While Carlos Ferreira is in Brazil with Andreas Larsson and our distributor and agent, avoiding to be photographed in Copacabana – for he is there to promote my wines and come back with plenty of orders; the 2009 en primeur campaign just started with the successful release of my friends Querre and Aubert’s wine in Castillon: Aster de Beaulieu 2009 which with 91-94 in the Wine Spectator, found buyers in the USA with its good value (between 25 and 30 Dollars) and intended to be drank and not locked up in a safe as investment!

For dinner, we drank:
Ruinart Blanc de Blanc
Valandraud 1992 and Valandraud 1995
La Mondotte 2001 a beautiful wine
Our Maury and Fine Bordeaux de Valandraud


Vive the internet, Chris Riccobono posted the video of an interview he made during the 2009 en primeur tastings at my place in Saint Emilion, in the historical “Garage” where Valandraud was born.

He asked many questions which I answered as best as I could with many people around and background noise, but as the camera was not moving like in Mondovino, he won’t be selected for the Cannes Festival!
In any case, it is a snapshot of a moment, I will only need to watch it at a later date to remind me how much I enjoyed drinking the 2009 Bordeaux, and that I answered that my favorite wine, after mine, is Pingus. I also mentioned that one of my favorite wines this year in Bordeaux is the excellent Marquis de Terme.
Thanks Chris.

For your info, you can see people walking around the garden and see who’s working and who’s not

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jancis Robinson notes, suite

Clos du Beau Père 2009 16.5
Fayat 16.5
Le Gay 17+
Rouget 17
Vieux Certan 18
Haut Carles 15

More notes...

In the last issue of WeinWisser, René Gabriel liked and gave good notes to the 2009 vintage. Many of our wines and wines I consult for or distribute were given 19 and 18 out of 20.
19/20 for Gracia, Haut Condissas, Valandraud and Clos Badon
18/20 for Beau Soleil, Branda, Romanile, Croix de Labrie, Croix Figeac, Pressac, Faugères, Fayat, Fleur Cardinale, Grand Destieu, Haut Carles, Haut Mazeris, La Dominique, Clos du Beau Père, Le Gay, Le Moulin, Les Gravières, L’Inclassable, Maro de Saint Amant, Marquis de Terme, Moulin Haut Laroque, Peby Faugères, Prieuré Lescours, Prieurs de la Commanderie, Rollan de By, Rol Valentin, Tour des Termes, Villhardy, Virginie de Valandraud, etc…
The German and Swiss market are sensitive to René Gabriel’s notes : I am already getting some requests… Thanks a million René Gabriel.

Jancis Robinson
Jancis is tougher. It is difficult to get 19 or 20 out of 20 ! She is part of the « big five » wine critics in the world.
For Saint Emilion : Lynsolence 14.5, Clos Badon 17, La Dominique 17.5, Faugères 16.5, Peby Faugères 16.5, Fleur Cardinale 16.5, Patris 15, Pressac 15, Rol Valentin 16, Valandraud 17.5, Virginie de Valandraud 17.
The best notes for Saint Emilion were given to Angélus with 18, Cheval Blanc 18.5, Pavie 18.

Yesterday, we received 2 critics : Michael Schüster as well as Pierre Guigui for Gault et Millau. Our Korean customer stopped by to see the film on Bad Boy. Incredible quality, like a James Bond, chic, glamour. The artists are simply very good looking and the story romantic and sexy. I would love to attend the viewings to hear the comments.
This evening, a new customer sent by François Des Ligneris, owner of l’Envers du Décor, interested by Bad Boy for the Swiss German market.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mevushal ?

With our lunch with Calvert Woodley and an Indian friend who has an interesting project for India (to be followed), we served :
Valandraud Blanc 2007 n°1
Valandraud 2002 and Valandraud 2002 kosher mevushal, in other words, heated at 85° Celcius (185 F), a sort of flash pasteurization. Valandraud 2002 still shows good fruit, dark blue, with tannins still present. The wine is beginning to be drinkable and will most likely be good and pleasant to drink in 2 to 3 years and even much longer…
Valandraud kosher mevushal 2002, with a tile-red color, aged wine, dark but still with a soft palate, no harshness, tannins soften by the heat. Pleasant, soft, silky, it only lacks a bit of vibrant fruit and the wine shows 10 years more than its age.
However, it already had this color and taste 5/6 years ago, and in my opinion, will still be like that for the next 5/6 years, if kept in a cellar. Wouldn’t this “religious” technique help for other austere and cold vintages? I should have used this kind of treatment for a few bottles of my “normal” 2004 to see.

The die is cast

A little summary from last Saturday :

We still had a few more meals and critics, then we just have to wait for the results and articles on all the tastings and keep our fingers crossed. Already comments and notes from Jean Marc Quarin are coming out where Valandraud 2009 got a nice note: 17.75 and very nice comments.
Moulin Haut Laroque 16.75, Troplong Mondot 18, Lynsolence 16.5, Peby Faugères 16.5, Fleur Cardinale 16.25, Faugères 15, Laroze 16.5, Beauséjour Bécot 16.5, La Gomerie 16.25, Larmande 16, Lucia 15.5, Sansonnet 14.75, Soutard 16, Angélus 18, La Clotte 17.5, Rol Valentin 16.25, Clos Badon 15.5, Clos Romanile 15, La Dominique 15, La Clotte 17.5, 3 de Valandraud 14.75, Villhardy 15.75, Virginie 15, Magrez Fombrauge 16.25.
Jean Marc Quarin’s subscription is useful for the notes are not everything. Comments also allow winemakers listed to understand the whys and hows and buyers to have an idea on the style of the wines to help them decide which to buy.
The Wine Spectator already pulbished many good notes and coments. It looks like James Suckling liked this vintage. Wine Spectator is the most powerful media with Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, and, as we would say in the wholesale business, is able to move cases !

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


5 stars for Valandraud and 18.5 : the best note ever given by Decanter to Valandraud

Rol Valentin 4 stars, 16.5
Virginie de Valandraud 4 stars, 17
Lynsolence 3 stars, 15
Faugères 3 stars, 15
Pressac 3 stars, 15.5
Gracia 3 stars, 15.5
Fombrauge 3 stars, 16
Magrez Fombrauge 3 stars, 16.5
Le Gay 4 stars, 17.5
Clos du Beau Père 3 stars, 15.5
Fayat 3 stars, 15.5
Beau Soleil 3 stars, 15.5
Sabines 3 stars, 15.5
Haut Condissas 4 stars, 17
Rollan de By 3 stars, 16
L’Inclassable 3 stars, 16
Fleur Cardinale 4 stars, 16.5
La Dominique 4 stars, 16.5
Haut Carles 4 stars, 16.5
Haut Mazeris 3 stars, 16
Laassac 3 stars, 15

Wine spectator, suite

James Suckling gave many good notes for wines he tasted or tasted again on Monday, March 29 and which were presented at my place last week :

Mauvais Garçon – Bad Boy 90-93
Malromé cuvée Adèle 88-91
Cour d’Argent 87-90
Présidial 87-90
Virginie Thunevin 87-90
Malromé 86-89
Subilaux 82-85
Aiguilhe Querre 87-90
Cap de Faugères La Mouleyre 90-93
Cap de Faugères 88-91
Laussac 87-90
Haut Mazeris 89-92
Sabines 89-92
Marojallia 92-95
Marquis de Terme 92-95
Bellevue de Tayac 90-93
Haut Condissas 90-93
Rollan de By 88-91
L’Inclassable 87-90
La Clare 86-89
Pape Clément 94-97
Le Gay 93-96
Franc Maillet Jean Baptiste 90-93
Clos du Beau Père 89-92
Beau Soleil 88-91
Fayat 86-89
Peby Faugères 96-99
Rol Valentin 94-97
La Dominique 93-96
Magrez Fombrauge 93-96
Valandraud 93-96
Fleur Cardinale 92-95
Gracia 92-95
Virginie de Valandraud 90-93
Grand Destieu 89-92
Pressac 89-92
Patris (La Fleur) 88-91
Branda 88-91
Tour des Termes 92-95


Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal published a big article written by Jacqueline Friedrich : « The First Taste of 2009 ». Jacqueline Friedrich is not the type to cant and wrote a big comment on Valandraud 2009. I gave a few answers and she mentions a few wines she particularly liked in particular Fougas “Maldoror” and Haut Carles.

The Grand Jury Européen talks about the second knives of Thunevin. Un Thiers vaut mieux que 2 tu l’auras (or A bird in hand is worth two in a bush) ?
Hervé Bizeul’s comments on his blog, his opinion and favorite wines, already had an impact with 2 reservations for Valandraud 2009. Are blogs getting stronger than specialized press?
On the sites of dé and la Passion du Vin (both in French), comments are flourishing.
Decanter just started publishing comments on 1st growths and a few Pomerols and Saint Emilion Crus Classés.
Finally, Andreas Larsson posted videos of his tastings

Monday, April 5, 2010

3 regular readers

April fool

First of all, there was, of course, no 100 points for Château Valandraud 1991 given by Jacques Luxey’s Grand Jury. In addition, the Chinese didn’t buy 3 years of production of a 1st growth, but maybe more?

Hervé Bizeul’s blog (in French), posted new avenues to classify, even though, many articles on billionaires turning into winemakers or bosses of big industries buying Bordeaux Grand Crus.
James Suckling from the Wine Spectator made a little film on blind tasting at my place. The shots were improvised and done in one take.
We’re ready to join the team of the Comedy Club.
During our tastings in Saint Emilion, I announced to Michel the good note, 95/97, he got from the Wine Spectator and made a bet with Bob that he would shave his mustache if Fleur Cardinale was given 100 points, while for me, I would shave my head if I got the same note. I showed up with a hat to hide my thinning hair…
Tough life, but this is also what wine is about, a drink to have fun.
Champagne is not the only one.

On another subject, this year, the atmosphere at our place was more than fun. This could be due to this great 2009 vintage or instead, the small rooms, the sort of labyrinth and the patio made it more convivial. Young representatives of wines presented may have also played as well as the quality of the wines: Pingus, Deiss, Tenuta di Trinoro our garagists: Croix de Labrie, Gracia, Lynsolence, Marojallia, new and old, but mostly without a doubt, the great service Serge and his girls gave bringing us every morning chocolatines and croissants, and good French meals/snacks for lunch.
I greatly thank them.

Friday was the last day. We now just have to wait for the first releases of this great and beautiful vintage.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Economy and futures

Prices for 2009 Bordeaux futures being released, in other words 200 to 300 chateaux, are offered with a fixed parity between the euro and Chinese Yuan. This proposal is part of an agreement between France and Hong Kong concerning the removal of import duty on last year’s wines.
This will provide greater reliability for the resale price in this market, which is becoming crucial for Bordeaux. It will also facilitate the decisions of a large Chinese client who had decided to buy all the harvests of a 1st cru in Bordeaux for 3 years (1st wine, second wine and even other cuvees?!)
Valandraud is not yet fully concerned, even if Hong Kong is becoming the 1st import market for my wine, negotiations in Hong Kong are made in Dollars.

Last night we had the meal of the year with friends : Endive salad and Foie Gras en Terrine from Michel Puzio from château Croix de Labrie served with Meursault Goutte d’Or 2008; perfect match. Following, omelet with truffles and an anthology Cheval Blanc 1950 to be in harmony with Mr Thienpont’s comments comparing Vieux Château Certan 2009 with 1950! May he be right!
Petrus 1975 to be the perfect match with beef filet and mash potatoes with truffles. What can I say, except that everyone recognized Petrus blind and mentioned 1971 or 1975. So, hats off, my guest were at the level of the wines served during this evening.
The brie with truffles preceded the strawberry and raspberry soup served with our 2007 Maury from Thunevin-Calvet; remarkable.
We didn’t drink Valandraud, the very rare 1990 rated 100 points by the famous critic Jacques Luxey was broken by our turbulent cat INAO.

Jean Marc Quarin keeps posting his notes on his website and those of the Wine Spectator rightly reward “Stéphane Derenoncourt”. Today, Sud Ouest published an article (in French) on Brigitte Chevalier, who presented her wines at our tasting.
Many people attended our tasting: buyers and journalists, of course, but also our suppliers, coopers, bankers, who come to our place to feel the atmosphere.
The UGC announced 6,000 professionals, perhaps 10% came to our place which is already not bad.