Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The Revue du Vin de France published their notes on 2011 Bordeaux and only 235 chateaux were reviewed and noted until the June issue.
I recommend buying this issue which will without a doubt become a “collectible” as I really had a fun and enjoyed reading this special on 2011 Bordeaux. It will certainly become a reference for communications and trade students or even for a thesis on humor in the wine industry. Wine critics are also occasionally journalists and able to make us say surprising comments

As for comments and notes, thank you Antoine Gerbelle for the following:
“Chateau Valandraud : 16.5-17.5/20
It has a beautiful finesse and delicacy, with none of the sophisticated sweetness from over ripe fruit which we didn’t care much for in this wine. It has a “raw” side," a tonic frankness we were not familiar with. And at the same time, a brilliance that fans of the Thunevin couple will love. Hats off!

Also surprising, the test results from opened and decanted wines. I will try; maybe this is the Audouze method?

Then Michel Rolland added a layer to his book - which I found too short – Hurrah for interviews!

Soon, we will be at the Palais Brogniart on June 2 and 3 for the RVF show.

We enjoyed during our meal La Fleur Morange, noted 96+ by Parker which really deserves it: the wine benefits from being opened or decanted, and a 2009 Clos Badon which is also an amazing bottle, long live 2009

Presentation and traditional lunch at Chateau Pape Clement for Bordeaux trade and brokers last Friday: The 2011 tasted better than a month ago and I particularly liked Magrez Fombrauge and Fombrauge.
The atmosphere was friendly and the food one of the best offered in Bordeaux, supervised by Francis Garcia, who opened in Bordeaux a B&B with 3 rooms (Villa Cosy). Work is, for Francis, like a hobby.
I would like to thank Bernard Magrez and his family for everything they’ve done.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bettane & Desseauve

More good news. I hope it lasts ! Bettane & Desseauve published their notes and comments:
15/16 for Croix Figeac, Franc Maillet, 3 de Valandraud etc.. 16 for Clos du Beau Père, Haut Carles, Sansonnet, Bad Boy, Sabines, Fourcas Hosten, Croix de Labrie, Tour Carnet, Le Gay and Manoir de Gay Le Prieuré, etc…
16/16.5 for Fombrauge, Marquis de Terme, Le Moulin, etc…
16.5/17 Virginie de Valandraud, Clos Badon, Fleur Cardinale, Gracia, Rol Valentin, Vray Croix de Gay, Fleur de Gay, Petit Gravet Ainé, Clos Saint Julien, Pressac, etc…

The notes of the best wines have just been published yesterday and Valandraud is among the top with 18-19 and the following comment: “Bright, creamy, with beautiful length and breadth, the gorgeous fruit extends its depth. One of the top wines vintage, with one of the finest tannins.”

In the Quebec newspaper, Le Journal du Devoir, in Jean Aubry wrote in his Wine of the week section called “L’émotion” a beautiful comment on Constance Thunevin Calvet 2008. Thank you to our Canadian cousins who love our wines!
Cuvée Constance again in the spotlight, winning a silver medal in the nice price category.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Club des 5

2011-2010-2009 tasting organized by the Club des 5 for Bordeaux trade and brokers.

Smith Haut Lafitte, red and white, Gazin, Branaire Ducru, Canon La Gaffelière and L’Oratoire, Aiguilhe, La Mondotte were presented. Many people attended, 2011 tasted much better than a month ago, proof that the vintage is improving with the barrel aging. 2010 and 2009 were really good but that’s not news. The atmosphere was quite joyful, despite a futures campaign which looks to be challenging, added to the tough economic environment following two exceptional vintages, forces you to be really cautious. Furthermore, all the critics have not released their notes and comments, especially the Wine Advocate due out on April 26/27.

On JancisRobinson.com , Julia Harding MW published her notes and comments on April 19 on 2011 Margaux appellation including Bellevue de Tayac, newly promoted Cru Bourgeois, giving it a 16.5. This places this wine just after Palmer 18.5, Margaux 17.5, Alter Ego de Palmer and Issan 17:

Ch Bellevue de Tayac 2011 Margaux 16.5 Drink 2016-2022
Smudgy dark cherry, black core. Spicy blackberry fruit and a touch of chocolate, floral too. Then lots of vanilla on the palate – tastes more right bank than left – though the tannins are velvety. Rich and generous. Nothing skinny here though there's plenty of freshness. A fruity, harmonious whole with none of the faults of the vintage. Sweet aftertaste. (JH)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Futures campaign

The Futures campaign started early. Unfortunately we have no allocations of Château Lafite Rothschild; instead we offer Mont Perat, La Mauriane, which we have successfully been selling for several years now and have regularly been selling out at the property as well as at our place. This encourages us to buy futures even though there is little or no appreciation or speculation.

Since the beginning of this campaign the talks have been on how low the prices will go, 10% less 20, 30 and Lafite Rothschild which was released this year at 350 instead of 500 last year, partly confirms this drop. But for what percentage of the production and what will the price be for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tranche and other wines?

Also discussed is Chateau Latour’s decision to leave the futures market system. I would like to defend my colleagues negociants in Bordeaux who are not those speculating and driving up prices because like everyone else knows, it is the customer who drives up prices.
If the consumer does not buy, it's over, producers and middlemen are brought back to reason: Just look at today's prices which are cooling down except for wines with 100 points Parker or the Wine Spectator!

Good reading

Vitisphere.com is one of the most useful sites for any questions concerning the world of wine and I had the pleasure to answer questions prepared by Emilie and her colleague. Please read them if you are interested and want to practice your French. I also read Jose Penin’s column and his opinion on AOCs which are quite similar to what I read on the book written on Dubourdieu.

Hurrah for the newspaper Les Echos and its culture and leisure section edited by Jean François Pécresse with the help of Michel Bettane and Thierry Desseauve and their comments on Valandraud "sleek and smooth, the former “garage wine” is now a big 18/19 out of 20 ", which I found on Google on my birthday.

Regarding my birthday, I drank for dinner with friends a bottle of Pape Clément 2004 which was still young and seriously good, followed by a 2004 Angelus just amazing despite this austere vintage, full of richness and charm.
The next day one of our favorite wines, Clos L'Eglise 2001, my last bottle, what a pity... Long live Pomerol!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

INAO and Michel Rolland

A little reading for our cat Inao...


Decanter :
4 stars for Fleur Cardinale, Sansonnet, Virginie de Valandraud, Valandraud (17.5)
3 stars for Clos du Beau Père, which puts it is the top 20/25 in Pomerol, reaching our goal. We just need to aim for a better note. 3 stars as well for: Clos Badon Thunevin, Haut Carles, Domaine des Sabines (also in the top 20), Fourcas Hosten.
We’re just missing our whites and Bellevue de Tayac, we’ll see in the print copy?

Izak Litwar also published his notes on Bordeaux 2011 on April 13 as well as on Mark Squires BB:
Valandraud 95-96, Valandraud Blanc 92, Virginie de Valandraud 91, Virginie de Valandraud blanc 90, Clos Romanile 88, Bellevue de Tayac 90, Clos Badon Thunevin 90-91, Clos du Beau Père 92, Domaine des Sabines 89, Domaine Virginie Thunevin 87, etc… Fleur Cardinale 90-91, Sansonnet 87 ?, Haut Carles 90, Marquis de Terme 91

Hurrah to Jean Marc Quarin who propelled Rémi Dalmasso’s wine Clos Romanile into the stratosphere. I should point out that with 1500 bottles produced, few will be able to taste it and buy some!


On Jancis Robinson website, Julia Harding MW published her notes and comments on April 13 on Bordeaux whites: Virginie de Valandraud Blanc received 16.5 and a nice comment, and Valandraud Blanc received 17 which confirms our ambition to be one of the top Bordeaux white.
For subscribers to Jean Marc Quarin’s site, Report No. 4 published on April 15, 2012 on 150 2011 Saint Emilion. Clos Romanile, Remi and Sonia Dalmasso’s wine was given a Special Selection and my wines and those of my friends received nice comments.

Jacques Berthomeau wrote a column on his site titled "Without hesitation, in the second round, I vote for Clos Badon from Saint Emilion, as it provides the veal its pedigree. “ Should we understand in his election column a reference to the General de Gaulle comparing the French to calves? My father, who was a follower of de Gaulle and a cattle farmer in Dordogne would have understood this comment... God rest his soul!
I love his photos and videos, especially the one of the harmonic motion which says it all, like the Sean Connery’s photo in 1964 in the film Goldfinger – which must have been used because on my name Thunevin, which could be loosely translated into English by “Goldwine” , where does Jacques find all these connections... In any case, it makes you want to drink some and celebrate your birthday every month.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday 13

I was born on Friday, April 13, 1951 in Mascara, in French Algeria. I always thought that Friday 13 brought luck and happiness. This year’s birthday is also special because it falls on a Friday.
I don’t like holidays and birthdays, but I learned how to accept with them... I'm getting old!
Thursday, Jean Marc Quarin spent 4 hours to taste 3 or 4 vintages of some wines he was unfamiliar with or that were cheap, distributed or produced by my company. I would really like to thank the few critics who are interested in little known and affordable wines; for it takes commitment considering the wide difference between comments made by amateurs on the internet and reality. Many complain about the prices of 100 well known, classified or famous Bordeaux, but in fact few make an effort to read what Jean Marc Quarin writes or what most media publishes: Bettane Desseauve, RVF, the Wine Spectator or even Robert Parker who spend time tasting affordable and approachable wines by many people: for example, in my case, wines I distribute like: Château Lafont Fourcat and A Nos Amours, our greatest success with Bad Boy, Bad Girl and Baby Bad Boy.
And already for many years, Château de Carles, and recently Château Subilaux and Chateau Bellevue La Randee, Présidial one of our brand wine, Domaine Virginie Thunevin my daughter’s wine, our Lalande de Pomerol Domaine des Sabines, our Southern wines Dentelles, L'Amourette and especially Constance and Calandray, Maro Château de Saint Amant, etc ... Wines that sell at retail, in France, between 6 and 20 euros.
Jean-Marc Quarin pointed out to me that I don’t communicating much about this part of my job, my business. He has not visited my company, my cellars, my stocks and my stores in Saint Emilion, nor seen my sales staff in charge of promoting and selling these wines as well as quite a few others, knowing that in Bordeaux, I am not the only one doing this kind of work, many negocians promote their "darlings" and exclusivities which they rarely do for the easy money famous classified growths, which are in demand. For the record, I would like to point out that 15% of 100 euros is another thing than 15% of 3 euros!

Also Thursday, the bosses and employees of my three partner bankers in charge of our company one paid us a visit. He studied our case and understands it well, which is not so common. In general, the rep in contact with us knows his customers best.

In the evening I didn’t have the courage to go to the Grand Hotel in Bordeaux invited by Gault Millau, the days are too short...

The notes from Tim Atkin, Master of Wine, have been posted on his website: he especially likes our wines for they are not too expensive as our Bordeaux, Domaine Virginie Thunevin (89 points), 3 de Valandraud (91 points), Chateau Bel Air Ouy (92 points), Chateau Prieure Lescours (90 points), Domaine des Sabines (90 points), these notes being greatly higher to many famous classified growths, I’m liking more and more the English

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The 2011 future have started!

Offer for our 2nd purchase: Chateau Fourcas Hosten 2011, Listrac, with a futures consumer price in France of 9.60 Euro ex-VAT!
This property is one of the rising stars of the Médoc, still sold at a reasonable price.
Who said that Bordeaux are expensive? The first wine offered for France is Chateau Croix Cardinal, Saint Emilion Grand Cru with a retail price of 16.80 euro ex-VAT. If you add VAT 19.60% plus shipping it still remains a good value

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter weekend

Thanks to Daniel Perez and his wife’s visit after 52 years of separation (we are from the same village in Algeria), we drank a wine offered by Bernard Magrez and made by him in Algeria for Gerard Depardieu. Mascara 2002, made with Southern varietals: Grenache and Carignan. It was good, similar to our wines from the Roussillon, but in addition quite rare.

I took time to read the book on Rolland, the wine guru, published by Glénat and written by Isabelle Bunisset. The book is too short, it made me hungry for more, it needs a bit of tweaking, but there must more to do. It was my weekend of books on enologists, I enjoyed reading the book written by Gilles Berdin on Denis Dubourdieu with plenty of nice quotes including this one: “great wine should be contemporary, and not imitate the past”, “many appellations, few wines different”. One can only agree considering the grouping of Cotes de Bordeaux, and possibly those of Saint Emilion, and even Fronsac!

I read on RVF’s site, Antoine Gerbelle’s comments on the 2011 vintage in Saint Emilion with specific comments on Ausone, Valandraud, Pavie and Trottevielle. I could have added, as one of his colleagues wrote, that late terroirs have fully benefited from the good weather in September 2011, which made it possible to have successful harvests on the clay and limestone soil and without hydric stress during the summer. The initial feedbacks and notes are in my opinion those of a good vintage, the problems remain prices and the economic and political environment.

We already bought our first 2011 future: Chateau Croix Cardinal, a new property from the Decoster family, also owners of Chateau Fleur Cardinale, which should be found at a consumer price between 20 and 25 euros and is one of those successful wines this years.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

José Penin & Wine Spectator

Jose Penin, the famous Spanish critic, has not been in Saint Emilion for quite a while and we had the opportunity to see him at home to taste some wines presented by Jean Guyon which was nice for Rollan de By, Tour Seran; our Roussillon wines also received nice comments and notes (with Hugo 96/100). Our friends Zonin and Andrea Franchetti were also spoiled, as well as our wines Valandraud and Virginie de Valandraud.
In any case, José Penin is always smiling and seems to enjoy his job.

The Wine Spectator released some more notes on Bordeaux 2011
All our wines were tasted blind near Bordeaux at a colleague negociant who rents his office to James Molesworth.
In Margaux, 87-90 for Bellevue de Tayac, our wine is becoming one of the top 20/30 wines in this prestigious appellation, Marojallia which has been in the top 10 since 1999, only got 86-89, and Marquis de Terme received 89/92.
In Listrac, Fourcas Hosten received 85-88, but deserves better
In Bordeaux, Domaine Virginie Thunevin 85-88, Subilaux 86-89, Lafont Fourcat A Nos Amours 86-89, Bad Boy/Mauvais Garçon 87-90, Bellevue La Randée 87-90
In Saint Emilion, Croix Figeac 87-90, Clos Badon 89-92, Sansonnet 89-92, Pressac 89-92, Virginie de Valandraud 90-93, Le Prieuré 90-93, Gracia 90-93, Fleur Cardinale and Secret de Cardinale 90-93, Faugères 90-93, Peby faugères 91-94, Valandraud 92-95, Cheval Blanc 93-96, was the best note of the vintage.
In Fronsac, Haut-Carles 89-92, La Vieille Cure 89-92, Carles 88-91, Haut Mazeris 88-91

Friday, April 6

Quiet day: a few journalists and critics, Ian D'Agata, Bernard Burtschy, Abi Duhr, Julia Harding (Jancis Robinson's assistant), Eric Riewer.
Dinners with our local artists Michel Puzio and Michel Gracia plus 6 people:
Asparagus vinaigrette, truffle omelet, cheese and strawberries. Blanc d’Ossian 2009 (Castilla y Leon) and Valandraud Blanc No. 2 2007. Then, blind for everyone Gracia, Croix de Labrie and Valandraud 2008. 3 incredibly different wines, I ranked in order 1st Croix de Labrie, complete, serious, almost Pauillac and believed it was Valandraud... Damn! Once again I didn’t recognize my own wine even in my home.
2nd, I ranked Gracia, soft, feminine, a similar texture as La Conseillante, I thought it was Croix de Labrie... Damn again! 3rd Valandraud, I thought it was Croix de Labrie the wine was so soft, sweet, sexy, but I was bothered by a heavy dose of carbon dioxide (it should have been decanted). An hour later, all the wines were still very good, and the 2008 vintage was a huge success with our professional guests who thought they were drinking 2009.

After, to please everyone, Murielle guest in 30 seconds, Pingus 2009, a very fine wine, classy, finesse, elegance, power and incredible drinkability. We drank it with such ease that it felt sinful considering it was Good Friday.

This morning, more good news from Christophe: The Wine Spectator and James Molesworth gave 90-93 points to Valandraud Blanc 2011 and 88-91 to Virginie de Valandraud Blanc 2011 which are now part of Bordeaux fine dry whites, even if there are still some reservations about the style of our white .
The bad weather on this Easter weekend motivated me to read, quickly and with pleasure, the last book from the series “Autour d’une bouteille” (sharing a bottle) dedicated to Denis Dubourdieu, written by Gilles Berdin and published by Edition Elydis.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thursday, April 5th and Wine Spectator's Notes

First, the good news: 92-95, the 2nd highest score of the vintage behind Cheval Blanc which has 93-96! In addition our wine was tasted blind outside our property.
Last Thursday, a lot of visitors came, nice attendance, especially at 12:30 pm. It is true that Serge and his aides can perform miracles!

Everything is fresh and good and bottles offered by exhibitors make this moment more convivial, although a few friends don’t grasp the spirit of the place where they have to get up, help themself and let everyone help themselves. As long as it can remain that way, it's good - knowing that if it’s free for all those present, the exhibitors do participate.

I spent all morning with a Dutch television and a Dutch colleague and winemaker who owns a vineyard in St. Romain La Virvée: La Tulipe de la Garde. The subject: Garage Wine and Saint Emilion Grand Cru, I had a good time and my charismatic colleague had a special mug and asked questions with a very "French" flair.

In the evening, I met with a few journalists but no dinner plans, so went to bed early. I woke up well rested and was told by Christophe that the best notes from the Wine Spectator were posted on their site... I think that James Molesworth saw the qualities of this vintage without taking in consideration prices and the economic environment (Vieux Certan, Cheval Blanc, Clinet for example). Valandraud has usually been well noted by most critics, which is often the case in complicated vintages.
James Suckling gave 93-94, Jean Marc Quarin 92/100, Desseauve included Valandraud among the great wines and particularly liked Clos Saint Julien, Haut-Carles, Pressac and Faugères (Hurrah for Terre de Lisse!)

Wednesday, April 4

We had fewer visitors in the morning, but it picked-up in the afternoon and the evening got a bit too busy to manage traffic with our visitor friends. We’re starting to feel tired from these 3 days, just a few days left and then, it will just be pre-arranged appointments.
More sommeliers, Swiss, Germans, Americans, bloggers, Vitisphère and an interview by Emily Porcher and her friend. Thierry Desseauve, who tasted a lot of wine and told me about new projects including possible new events in London, with the Grand Jury Europeen, Michel Rolland's book "the wine guru", fellow traders with their customers and some Bankers and lawyers!
In the evening, dinner with Russians with songs and drinks!
Buisson Charles 1er cru Goutte d'Or 2007 and Valandraud Blanc 2007: they guessed them. Following and more difficult to find, a vertical of 3-Marie Thunevin-Calvet 2008-2006-2005-2004; the Grenache is aging really well, the black peppery 2005 will be a reference. After, as I was stunned by the talent of the sommelier, Anton (best Russian sommelier), I served an impossible wine to guess, the world's rarest and highest rated by Parker for it had at least 370 points!
A blend of four vintages of Valandraud (2004, 2006, 2007 and 2009). The 2009 was the winner and this table wine blended four hours before the meal tasted very good. They all found that it was a right bank from Saint Emilion!
At the end, paired with chocolate and desserts, our Maury 2004 and to finish our Fine Bordeaux.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tuesday, April 3

Many visitors stopped by. As expected, well-known, rare and expensive wines were popular, for example, we used 5 bottles for those versus 1 for less famous properties or even for wines the owner himself was not present!

Many Americans, Russians, Japanese, Chinese, Swiss, German and French visitors stopped by that day; all in a good atmosphere despite the gloomy weather. More journalists came to taste including Tim Takin, Neal Martin..., bankers, coopers and other colleagues were among the visitors and as long as they didn’t interfere with buyers and journalists, it was OK.

In the evening, 100 points dinner.
Pata Negra and Valandraud Blanc 2009, our whites are a real success. We tasted blind, famous, rare, 100 points, mythical cuvees, with truffle omelet: Thorevilos Abreu 2002 Napa Valley, California, big and powerful, what a wine! Valandraud 2002 which is currently showing well, dixit James Suckling...
Following, sirloin with sautéed potatoes, one of my favorite wines in the world, Sine Qua Non “Against the Wall” 1996 Grenache based with a small amount of Syrah, what a wine, such pleasure, black olives, is drinks without fatigue, called the magnum. We paired it with Valandraud 1996 which is currently showing like a very fine wine. Thank you Jean Marc Quarin to have predicted it 15 years ago! I would like to remind you that 1996 was great in the Médoc, long live Cabernet Franc

After, at the “general” request from one of our friends born that year, still blind, everyone guessed the decade, but not the year: 1968 Biondisanti Brunello di Montalcino still vibrant, white pepper, historical interest more often than pleasure as common with old wines.
My friend Francois Audouze would say I don’t understand, I am not educated, and I would respond that I prefer the taste of his daughter!

To get in shape and end this meal, we had a drop of Armagnac 1979 from the Fezas family.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Monday, April 2

James Suckling’s notes just came out. He gave nice ratings to my wines and those of my friends.
1st day before UGC, all of our colleagues exhibitors are ready and in good spirit except Jean Michel Deiss who has an issue with his digestive system, a problem I know, also being affected by gout!

Our wines are showing well and we had a lot of visitors, a few journalists including José Penin, always curious and happy, Georg Drescher, bloggers – Facebook family, including Hélène, Worldwine.com, anthocyanes.fr, restaurant friends, Belgian, French, even Bordeaux like our favorite Kinette Gauthier, buyers, more Japanese distributors, Taiwanese, Ukrainian, Americans and the staff of the largest French distributor, a retail chain and even wine stores from St. Emilion.
For lunch, we enjoyed a nice glass from a magnum of Croix de Labrie 2008 and a glass of Lynsolence from our friend Denis Barraud.

For dinner, after tasting a series of Meursault from Buisson Charles, which I enjoyed greatly, we had Valandraud Blanc 2010. Then, blind, we had fun: Smith Haut Lafitte 2009 and Valandraud 2009, 2 different styles, 2 babies full of promises, what a great vintage!
Following, I did again the trick with magnums served in 2 different carafes. This time: Valandraud 2003, everyone guessed both glasses , bravo, it will be tough to do this again soon… The 2003 was remarkable; magnum is really the best format for wine.
After, at the request of Didier, 3 wines, this time everyone had a hard time to guess, except for Gilles L’Interdit de Valandraud 2000 compared to a great bottle of 2000 Leoville Las Cases and the true “incredible” “Thunevin” value Compassant 2004! With dessert, blind, Yquem 2005, a special treat.
For the meal: Pata Negra, omelet with truffles (very good truffles), leg of lamb with flat string beans, brie with truffles, also delightful and to finish: strawberries and raspberries.
The night was short but enjoyable because of the nice notes given by James Suckling.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Journalists and critics

We already saw Anthony Gerbelle, who was the 1st to taste our wines as well as Robert Parker and currently James Molesworth.

Following, were Michael Schuster on Thursday, Izak Litwar and Niko Dukan on Friday. Saturday, the actual beginning of the futures tastings got on the way with existing customers, including some big and smaller ones as well as journalists such as Eric Riewer, Louis Havaux, Jean Marc Quarin, James Lawther and James Suckling, and colleagues and friends owners equally famous!

Saturday, we had a good time at home for lunch, proof that the vintage is not so bad, even good since that day a top journalist preferred 2011 to 2008 and 2001!

The meal was prepared by Serge and Murielle:
Fine PataNegra Bellota ham, olive oil from Andrea Franchetti
Scallops, Leeks and truffles
Roast beef and mashed potato
Basque cake from Mr. Lopez

The wines were all served blind, not to trick anyone (for the notes already given were quite similar among critics present but for their differences in style), the wines served were from allocations from my wholesale business:
Pape Clement White and Valandraud Blanc 2006: Two different worlds, Pape Clement modern, mine classic, goes to show!
Beauséjour Duffau Lagarrosse and Valandraud 2005: 2005 have still not improved at this stage. Beauséjour was shut tight and still needs another 10 years minimum?
Mouton Rothschild and 1998 Valandraud: the Valandraud bottle was quite pleasant to drink but a bit too mature. Old bottles of Valandraud have all been bought on the open market and some may have already travelled around the world which affects the wines. The bottle of Mouton was incredibly youthful but unfortunately was slightly corked.
Following, Cheval Blanc and Valandraud 1995: Valandraud was powerful and very young and Cheval Blanc delicate, two very good wines.
In the afternoon, it was the turn of Rene Gabriel and his friends (they must have already tasted 250 wines)
This evening will be water and soup for us for dinner!

Sunday it was the turn of one of our biggest customer and bloggers Miss Vicky, Marilyn as well as our Russian and Ukrainian guests in our houses and our exhibitor friends from Burgundy and Roussillon.

No April fool jokes this year?!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good news

Château Boutisse 2011 received 90-93 points by the Wine Spectator, and promptly, the owner was in the restaurant Le Clos de Mirande in Montagne, with his American distributor!

Just kidding, the lunch must have been planned in advance but it will certainly make our fried happy for getting a good score with this vintage. Congratulations to Gerard and Xavier Milhade (and their famous consultant).

More good news, the 1st jazz festival in St. Emilion will take place from July 19 to 22, outdoor, four days of music, 16 concerts and 65 musicians; it should attract a lot of people and keep “early” sleepers like us, up late!
The complete program will be announced on April 5, and should include heavy weights... May the weather contribute, if not, don’t forget your umbrellas!