Thursday, September 4, 2008

At random

Special Selection for Valandraud 2005 in the 2009 Guide Hachette :-)

Wikio : new site about wine, written by a well known Parisian sommelier : Emmanuel Delmas.
We are not the only ones (with Calvet in Maury) to open a new cellar this year : The Dupéré-Barrera are too.

Sometimes, I stretch a bit the truth (see on the Bis Repetita site – in French) but I need to remain true to my reputation… I must admit that I have a variable-geometry palate…

How and why translate all my messages when few can understand the wine world’s microcosm …

Ducru Beaucaillou is wine of the year in Bettane-Desseauve. I like that.

Palmer has a nice write-up on Quarin’s site (in French and by subscription), where it is compared to a great Italian wine, Ornellaia.

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