Friday, September 19, 2008

Tasting and U.G.C. (Union des Grands Crus)

Wednesday, lunch at home with 6 people: Moules Marinière (mussels), rabbit casserole and slow cooked potatoes with shallots, cheese, oeufs à la neige (floating Island) with Croix de Labrie, Gracia and Valandraud 2004, all very good, especially Blanc de Valandraud 2004 with its flavors of mature white wine: fatter, richer, probably ready to drink now, before aging further. Dry white wines, as well as reds, are not too good if drank too old!
The Rocher Bellevue Figeac 2001 was very good paired with cheese. Again, it proves that Saint Emilion can make wines at a fair price – certainly not expensive enough for their owners… Tough to please every one!

This morning, I attended the Union des Grands Crus of Bordeaux at Canon La Gaffelière where I represented Chateau La Dominique. Tough to deal with basic issues before jumping to unessential topics. In any case, it is time to travel to new places: Northern and Eastern Europe, Brazil, India, etc… It’s been known for a while in Paris or Brussels that the UGC in Bordeaux is a fabulous communication tool. Still, we shouldn’t neglect our traditional export countries. Not being able to move forward would be a step back…

Ideas for the weekend:
Marojallia’s beautiful room could be the right luxury get away weekend place during a visit to Margaux and the Medoc.
Same with Château d’Arche to visit Sauterne and Franc Mayne to visit Saint Emilion.

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