Monday, September 1, 2008


I read on La Passion du Vin : “One can be a label drinker and still be a bit demanding.”
How can this be compatible? I admit not understanding well as I am nor a great taster nor a famous winemaker.

Still, when I regularly read comments written on French forums (unfortunately, I can only understand and read French, and still…), I see many peremptory opinion and also realize that I, too, on my blog, tend to do the same. This is the drawback with blogs, forums, where no one takes the time to be more specific.

It is certain that one swallow doesn't make a summer, a bad bottle doesn’t make a bad winemaker or a bad vintage. But who has the possibility to taste and retaste outside of the producer and a few well known critics?

It is true that, whatever the price, one has the right to be demanding, but who can give their opinion without risking appearing “too arrogant”?

On, I read a nice remark regarding stars taken from restaurants by a famous guide. Here it goes: “I always found amusing how stars were awarded: 10 years of relative mediocrity to lose a star, 1 year to get it back.”
Well, it is probably complicated… and can one always be perfect?

In any case, Saint Emilion should get their inspiration from the guides of RVF, BD, Parker and others, to clean up their own classification. But this is another story.

At least, the good weather is here.

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