Wednesday, September 3, 2008

François Mauss vs. the British

François, I know what your opinion is regarding blind tastings.

It is most likely that 1st growths received an additional point, but I will show you the results and you will see that these English tasters are quite good, as opposed to what’s being said… in any case, this tasting fits with idea this panel of representative of the English wine industry has of Bordeaux wine, ideal to their taste!
They’ve been organizing these tastings for many years, and while some well known critics were still giving good notes to very well known wine which had obvious defects, they labeled them “corked”.
For your information, this panel had such renowned critics such as Jancis Robinson, Neal Martin, etc… And wines known by everyone as lower in quality came out with bad notes.

The coherence of this jury, unfortunately kept confidential, should give ideas to Bordeaux negociants who have given up their power to taste and criticize to professional journalists-critics (or people claiming to be).
But, as one of my friends owner says ironically: negociants taste margins very well.

I would translate this to the Japanese as: if I make a good living selling this wine, I find it very good.

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