Tuesday, September 23, 2008

La Jurade

The 60 anniversary of the revived Jurade of Saint Emilion was a great success.
Busy schedule: The fund raising auction which followed Dominique Lapierre’s conference was really successful, with 180 lots sold raising more than 55000 Euros.
Special thanks to the Decoster family who were instrumental in introducing Dominique Lapierre to the wine world of Saint Emilion.

The night of heritage with orchestras, street bands, cultural activities and processions ended by a superb show with fireworks around La Tour du Roy which left our American guests amazed!
Sunday, guests and members of the Jurade of Saint Emilion gathered around 9 am. Murielle was informed at the last minute (it was a surprise) that she was being inducted (one day she will be inducted as a Jurat, except if Pomerol asks her to be Hospitalier de Pomerol!).

The grand mass taking place in the collegial church was packed. Fort this occasion, our church looked like a cathedral: Magnificent, magical, the priest lived up to the grandeur of this event.

11:30 am, a number of dignitaries (around 20) were inducted, including Murielle, who was of course really moved, and Dominique Lapierre who, in addition to being a famous and successful writer, showed that he was also a great orator able to move even the toughest old skin. It was a great moment of emotion hearing him speak about his foundation.

At 12 :45 pm, an aperitif was served in the gardens of the town hall, and the guard of honor formed by all the brotherhoods greeted the 1000 guests attending!
We sat for lunch until 4:30 pm at the table for 10 I reserved for my friends. The meal, inspired on a 1948 theme, was good and served for 600 people. The only drawback of this magnificent event was that the wines served should have been checked before by competent personnel in order to avoid corked and off bottles, especially when so many professionals and journalists were invited and were happy to taste the diversity of wine presented.

At 5 pm, the ban des vendanges (the start of the harvest) was announced on top of La Tour du Roy. It was a nice show. Alleluia!

Just a little note for people who couldn’t attend : Korean and local TVs, as well as Vininews and other photographs (amateur or professional) attending took pictures of me wearing the robe of Commandeur de Bontemps Médoc (Jean Michel Caze’s robe fits me like a glove) with Emmanuel Cruse (Chateau d’Issan), our great master. They inducted me before Saint Emilion. It is only this year that they asked me, but it was too late, I cannot cumulate mandates!!

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