Thursday, January 14, 2010

Terre de Vins

He who loves well punishes well: Ostentatious and Rudolph Wartel

In the last issue of Terre de Vins, an article (in French) was published on the new cellar of Château Faugères and an interview with its architect Mario Botta who designed the new cellar at the request of Silvio Denz.In the title and the questions asked by Mario Botta Wartel Rudolph, the word ostentatious appears several times, used like a dirty word!I am surprised to read this comment on the internet, taken from Rouge Blanc Bulles, I’d like to quote Rodolphe Wartel’s conclusion (which I love) "for Terre de Vin will be the stylish and intimate magazine you leave ostensibly on the coffee table"

Ostentatious : intended to attract notice and impress others (display, affection)

Ostensibly: we do not hide or that you want to show (apparently)

Rudolph Wartel, deputy director of the magazine Terre de Vins, does not like, in my opinion, this ambitious cellar and seeing built there in Faugères, by Mario Botta. He is not the only one, but I am sure I am not alone finding it nice, so nice that I like to drive my clients on the small road that passes by the cellar to show it and letting people know.Would Silvio Denz commission Mario Botta, one of the most prominent architect in the world, to design a dull piece? Would he have spent millions on this project if it was not ambitious? Is it only reserved for Napa, Rioja, the Medoc to have cellars - modern cathedrals to vinify and communicate? Does the classification of St. Emilion by Unesco must freeze the landscape?

One of my friends pointed out to me with the money spent in this cellar, Silvio Denz could have done many, many trips, promotions, advertising pages and investment in quality, expansion of his properties, etc. ...Yes probably, but it will be interesting to see how many articles be published for free on this cellar and our association to bring the media and customers in this sector of Saint Etienne de Lisse, this is not the pretext that we missed?

I love this cellar, I like this crazy ambition wanting to move things forward. I love this cellar and I have not yet seen what will be done at Cheval Blanc, but for sure, the project will be ambitious. I like the work done at Latour, Cos d'Estournel, Ducru Beaucaillou, Pichon Baron superb.
Difficult not to be a little ostentatious with such projects if compared to gray, old-style Bordeaux as opposed to clean facades and new life no longer wanting to be has-been, but instead trendy, chic, and why not influenced by the Spain being so close.
Also in Terre de Vins, a big story on the wines from the South and obviously there too Bettane Desseauve signing this story probably made by Alain Chameyrat. An article may be collective, allergic to ostentatious wines from our friend Hervé Bizeul who would probably have preferred not to be mentioned instead of having to read the commentary on La Petite Siberie. On our side, with our ostentatious cellar and good notes from David Schildknecht from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate or Decanter and even Jancis Robinson, without forgetting our Japanese or Swedish friends, impossible for us to be mentioned, or our wine with their ostentatious style and who we will need to add to the current range made for Americans, Russians and other Bachibouzouk a few non-alcoholic wines with freshness to please part of the French press intelligentsia that I thought only Parisian and which end up joining the style of wines from the south journalists from the Revue du Vin de France like and those who want to be their rivals: Terre de Vins.

Fortunately I can, like Canal +, ask myself e a damn good question: why did the issue of Terre de Vins on the Roussillon he ignores our wines (or those of Bizeul) and why do they write about my project Baby Bad Boy still not available?Paradox ostentatious different.

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