Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad temper

François Mauss wants me to believe that he has to be “cautious” when saying good things about Valandraud because of my “bad” temper ; and this seems true when I read his last comments posted on the blog of the Grand Jury Europeen or during his last dinner in the famous restaurant Laurent in Paris, where the wines were tasted blind and Valandraud surprised by its finesse, structure, complexity and softness.

Don’t exaggerate Mister François Mauss!

Oh yes, I have 2 things to ad : I have to preserve my reputation and over the years it becomes harder and harder! Why are you surprised, especially you who, almost every time with the Grand Jury Européen, place Valandraud at the top, I also believe that if we compiled an average of all your tastings, Valandraud would be ranked in the top 5?
In fact, the strength of the image conveyed (garage wine requires ...) by Valandraud which, young, is often closed, clumsy, but if drank at the right temperature and decanted if too young, drunk after about 10 years, rarely disappoints, at least blind. So thank you for your tastings to help me again and again confirm the status of the Valandraud to evil minds and other miscreants.
The 2nd point is, which vintage Valandraud was drunk? because the photo is not sharp enough to identify the year even though I know this is a wine prior to 2003. Afraid to be 2001?
Thank you Francois, I am still not jaded by your compliments.

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