Thursday, January 14, 2010

Media, Media

I am spoiled.
I was going to write, I am too much spoiled and then not, I just wrote I am spoiled. Not only today January 12, 2010, I received articles in a Japanese magazine, a beautiful Chinese publcation (4 or 5 pages) and many Brazilian magazines as well as the wine list of the Brazilian airline TAM with our Lalande de Pomerol 2006-Fayat Thunevin served in business class. Thank you CIVB, SOPEXA, Trade Unions helping me promote my wines and those I distribute, which exports more than 70% of all Bordeaux wine appellations.

Ambush = Drawn into a trap overnight in Agen, our new employee responsible for improving our websites, created this word that I found very typical “south west accent”

2009 in Bordeaux
I tasted a few batches of 2009 with my friend Marc and a few Brazilian friends:
this vintage will please us and will also raise awareness of what has often been lacking in previous vintages: the obvious side, drinkable, delicious.New link in the list of recommended sites, it is enough to read and reflect: Rouge Blanc Bulles
A “bit” of practical info: we are currently reconfiguring our mailboxes, it is therefore not possible to contact us this way for now. Back to normal expected within 24 hours ... Thanks for your patience and feel free to call us!

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