Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Saint Etienne de Lisse

I am looking for a federative name for a new association which, most likely, will include the following chateaux :
Fleur Cardinale
Rol Valentin
And Valandraud

Its purpose will be to promote our wines, all located in a district in the centre of the Saint Emilion appellation (7 km/4.35 miles, North-East of the village of Saint Emilion.

As I am unable to find one, maybe my readers will find a good name, a good idea… Like in 2000 when one of my clients found “L’Interdit de Valandraud” (the forbidden Valandraud) for my vineyards declassified at that time by INAO.


Patrick said...

Inspired by the wicked spirit and soul of these wines my suggestion is:

Bande à Thunevin or Bande à Emilion.

Vincent said...

Je suggère "Sui Generis", qui signifie "de son espèce".

"Chaque fleur a une odeur sui generis, c'est à dire de son espèce, qui lui est particulière et lui appartient en propre. D'autres fleurs peuvent répandre un parfum analogue, mais jamais un parfum semblable"

Ryan O'Connell said...

Tout le monde cherche des noms rajeunissent, non? Bordeaux Nouveaux.

Hah, ou pour les anglophones, on pourrait vous appeler "One in Emilion" (One in a million).