Friday, January 8, 2010

Saint Etienne de Lisse, sequel

Looking for a name… indeed and following Chamalaw’s comment :
“In fact, inspiration would come to all these good fellows racking their brains to find a name to this future association if you explained its goal…”

I should explain why this new association and try to define, before our meeting, our needs. I am always the man in a hurry…

5 chateaux / properties in the same area of Saint Etienne de Lisse whose location is distant from the center of St. Emilion, how to turn this handicap into an advantage?

How to find a link between these 5 properties? A classified cru, a garagist, a neo garagist, a historical cru, a new challenger, with different constraints and different approaches to wine.

The 5 are newcomers to the Saint Emilion landscape: North, North Africa, Switzerland, ...?
7km (4.35 m) from Saint Emilion in Saint Etienne de Lisse, but for a Chinese or an American, what counts is France or even Saint Emilion, seen from here or from abroad, this is all relative.

We need to communicate the fact that this sector has a real great terroir, of great quality which has already been known for a while (Pressac has existed for so long: its name is associated to Malbec, the 100 years war, etc ...)

What should we do to bring our customers to Saint Etienne de Lisse? How to communicate the fact that 4 wines are able to join the next Saint Emilion classification? (Fleur Cardinale has already been promoted)

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