Friday, January 22, 2010

Storytelling, game

"Il ne faut pas être un original et il faut pourtant être original " (Edmond Goblot) - Better not be an eccentric, still be original.

I read this saying in Pierre Marie C. theses. The following words also drew my attention :
Enfant terrible strategy
Eugenics (from a caste, one must pay attention to words)
Comfortable situation
And others that I did not understand even using Google translator!

I think about that because Wednesday at noon, I invited Lionel to eat at home, a friend who likes my wine, and who’s life seems to be somewhat different for a bourgeois: professional poker player and other games in his youth and maybe still today ...
You just need to be open available to meet amazing and different people. This is possible in the wine world (for whoever wishes it)
Vitisphère announced a future event (in French) for the “Ladies of Castillon”,

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