Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ad agency

Bernadette Vizioz writes on my blog 'I love, I love my Jean Luc ...».
Bernadette watch out, Murielle reads my blog and perhaps also the advertising agency for J'adore Dior!

In any case, you're right, why not think about organizing different events to clearly show our differences?
I will soon see Hervé Bizeul and Claudine and others to reflect on my side.
Surprising too, the lovely card I received from the other great communications agent, Jean Pierre Tuil, who celebrates his 25 years in communications. When communicators begin to communicate about their communications, it is probably not the easiest thing. He has fine and famous clients, Bordeaux Grand Crus, champagnes and even major media.
As for my part, I make the readers of my blog work to find a name and I have gotten many proposals, competition from the internet, complementary today and maybe another media in the future. Who knows.

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