Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Le Monde 2

Bad Boy is quoted in Le Monde 2, Supplement "art de vivre" from the newspaper Le Monde, dated Friday, January 8, 2010.
It is one of the rare cases where the article impacts our sales. It was the same for our Maury Calvet-Thunevin 2004, and it makes me think of this interview I did with Mathilde Hulot and she asked me lots of questions about the importance of media and the overflow of information, offers and articles.
It seems that today it is better to have a piece on my wines in a mainstream magazine like Express, Le Point, Le Monde or Le Figaro than in specialized publications, with fewer readers, as it no longer has the power to seduce them with their special selection. The reality is that the power of their words, too, have less impact from having been "too much" used.
It is without a doubt one of the important subjects for any advertising campaign: which media to choose? because it is financially impossible to take ads out everywhere.

PS: Since I forgot to buy it, I'd like to get a copy of this article published in the Supplement Le Monde 2 from last Friday, signed Bettane and Desseauve

Thank you Jean Charles Bischoff for sending me a copy of this article from Le Monde2 about BAD BOY 2007. Below, a few excerpts

"News from the Bad Boy of Saint Emilion.... ... Jean Luc Thunevin .. bad boy always ready for a laugh,, always ready to shake up the conveniences of Bordeaux world ... remarkable terroir which he tends with care ... The result is frankly brilliant ... ..
Bettane & Desseauve "
Le Monde 2 – Saveurs (flavors) – January 8, 2010

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