Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday meal

On the evening of December 30th in the village, we drank as aperitif:
A very good draft beer Leffe Blonde,
A horrible white wine offered – as one of my friends would say : “à cheval donné on ne regarde pas la bride” (the meaning could be translated as - do not be ungrateful for a gift you received): Chablis flat, maybe stored too long in the fridge, a bad day, who knows?
Fortunately, the champagne Tarlant rosé comforted us before the new year’s eve dinner where I hope the wines we served will be up to the occasion!

We were 13 for New Year’s eve dinner including my family and friends and also for lunch the next day. (to avoid any problems on the road, everyone stayed for the night at Valandraud).
Classic meal prepare by Murielle with deserts brought by my mother-in-law, oysters and salmon from Jean Paul, truffles from Guy, exotic fruits from Pierre, party favors from Ninon and everybody’s good mood.
Oysters from Marenne, smoked salmon, toasts with fresh black truffles, sauted potatoes “Sarladaises” with ceps from Medoc (thanks Philippe), beef sirloin grilled in the fireplace, my father-in-law’s endives salad, mature cheese, superb coconut cake, fruits and chocolate. Phew.
Rock and disco music
Champagne Magnum Ruinart blanc de blancs always good, easy to drink
Chevalier Montrachet 2006 from Bouchard, good fine wine
Ducru Beaucaillou 2005 for friendship and such potential, so young
Fleur Cardinale 2003, superb, our neighbors and friends, present in thoughts with us.
Interdit de Badon 2000, corked ! (there had to be one !)
La Dominique 1989, THE great wine from the property, always so great, can we do better in 2008 and 2009 ?
Haut Brion 1989 , the great, immense 1989 Bordeaux and one of my favorite wines.
Valandraud 2005 – as though we were still thirsty, still too young
And Maury 2007, a delight, a delicacy

The next day for lunch
Montrachet Louis Latour 2005, good wine, I expected more
Meusault Les Cras 2006 Buisson Charles, just to compare with the last one and for friendship. Good and complex.
Fleur Mongiron 2004, just to drink an exceptionally good value wine
Les Portes du Ciel 2001, coteaux du Languedoc, with truffles served on toasts, it was magical !
Pesus 2004 Ribera de Vina Sastre, a bit rustic, disappointing considering the price and the reputation, especially after drinking such a good 2nd cuvee from the same property!
Néo 2002 rustic, again from Ribera
Domaine du Mas Blanc La Llose 2002, refreshing wine, good for and by its difference.

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