Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthdays and modernity

Birthdays are excuses to enjoy a good time with friends around a good meal and wines.

With some delay, since it was January 17th, we celebrated Florence’s birthday at home with a dinner for 6 prepared by Murielle:
Lamelles de truffes en toast (Slices truffles on toasts)
Pata negra
Lapin cuit à la cocotte avec pommes de terre et échalottes (Rabbit cooked in the pot with potatoes and shallots)
Vieux comté (old comte cheese)
Gâteau à la noix de coco maison (Homemade coconut cake)

For the wines (we enjoy young wines) :
Bon Pasteur 2005, still too young for this vintage which will regularly be compared to 2009 (and yet, they are not comparable)
Haut Brion 2004, complete, full of aromatics, why can’t we drink it more often ? That’s the question.
Pavie 2003 : we loved this bottle, true that its modern style of big Grenache from Roussillon may shock traditionalists, but for us it was all good and I must say that, for me, it was the best bottle. The atmosphere, the moment and the wine, there’s nothing better.
Following, Valandraud 2003 seemed to be too fresh, too Bordeaux, for me. My guests actually enjoyed this wine but all these wines were not tasted blind. It would be nice to do this again, this time with the labels hidden.

We finished with the always good Maury 2004 from our partnership in the Roussillon : Calvet-Thunevin, and where we are fortunate to have a beautiful cellar which you can’t miss. This is the only comment we got from the Journalist Jean-Emmanuel Simond in the last issue of Revue du Vin de France in the 9 page article dedicated on the Vallée de l’Agly in the Roussillon. In the same vein, the documentary directed by Sophie de Salettes on Cabardès only found 3 cellars… Poor thing, she must have done this piece at night?
It's a shame to finally devote pages on these 2 regions and have such limited information or being sectarian?

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