Friday, January 15, 2010

Tastings, more...

Wine Spectator again
Bordeaux 2007, good notes for Troplong Mondot, La Mondotte, Magrez Fombrauge, Fleur Morange, Grand Corbin, Cheval Blanc, etc…

Wild boar
A boar was hit by Laurent’s car and fled (hit and run) without waiting to sign the insurance statement.
Result: a charge for the company for a car with all-risk insurance coverage?! If the same boar eats my grapes, hunting associations will reimburse my grapes. In our area, hunters have to pay to be able to hunt and incidentally, planting areas with corn feed, only increases the proliferation of reckless wild boars!

Alan Duran from Periodic Review of Bordeaux Wine
As every year, he came to our office to taste our wines. What a job! You must have faith. He tasted and noted the 2007 and 2008 vintages of Valandraud, Virginie de Valandraud and Franc Maillet Cuvée Jean Baptiste

Servais in Libourne
I drank in this good restaurant in Libourne “Chez Servais”, Château de Lussac 2004, superb power, maturity and finesse (29 euros ?!)
It is hard in Libourne selling bottle for more than 20 Euros. This bottle on the table is an incredibly good value.

La Dominique 2009
I tasted batches after malolactic, and sulfite added, in a period considered to be difficult. I could not spit. It reminded me tastings I did on a regular basis when Pierre Lurton arrived at Cheval Blanc. I could not spit Cheval Blanc 1990 tasted from the barrel .... I sound like a veteran, I know, but it’s to give an idea of the pleasure brought by the 2009 of Château La Dominique. In the same vein, I rediscovered an almost forgotten pleasure to taste “little Bordeaux”, Cotes de Bourg and other wines purchased for my business to make special bottles, large batches of inexpensive wines whose quality is amazing!
See you soon at the futures campaign.

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