Thursday, January 28, 2010

A club with no name

Yesterday evening we had the first meeting of our group at the Château de Pressac (10 people). We didn’t yet find a name for this association, despite all the proposals I received on my blog as well as exchanges of ideas, but we did spend a bit more time to think about it and this, thanks to the friendly participation of Rodolphe Wartel, associate director for the magazine Terre de Vins (Thanks).

In fact :
We forget Saint Etienne de Lisse, Saint Emilion being our strongest link.
Therefore, we try to use Saint Emilion/ Grand Cru/ our geographic proximity, the quality and beauty of our hilly terroirs / our differences / the difficulties to bring our customers, press in this sector, East of Saint Emilion (8 km, 5 m).
The number 5 which could be brought down to 4 or increased to 6 ?
Transform of our differences an argument, make the link with our terroir, the quality of our wines, etc…
With what funds ? we already planned on a budget (50 to 100 00 Euros). Where spend it ? When ? in which media ? the wine press, culinary, lifestyle, people, internet / paper / TV /visio / trade shows / agro tourism .
We have plenty to work on, but how to put it in place ? (I proposed Grand Cru & Cie)

In the meantime, this group will be presented at my place in Saint Emilion during the futures campaign, from March 29 to April 2 included.

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