Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stock in customs

London, Geneva or Hong Kong are not the only cities with zones under customs control.

Bordeaux has, today, 2 possible storage areas in customs zones, one put together by the Chamber of Commerce and some large wholesalers, the other by a private company specialized in storage, Mitsui, who some of my colleagues and I already work with:

“The new legislation concerning storage, and particularly for Grands Crus, is not the prerogative alone of Bordeaux Chamber of commerce. Grand Cru Storage was born 2 years ago by the shareholders of the Mitsiu Group to deal with the problems and products of our Bordeaux showcase. A 3000m² dedicated cellar is half buried under the ground, air-conditioned, in the middle of the vines. You will be able to find there all services expected by the wine industry.”

No need to make our life complicated, the wines can remain on the spot.

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