Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Various activities...

I am working on a few “secret” projects, different sorts of investments, buildings, properties for me or as a consultant, new challenges, new contracts, etc…

Problems with brands, lawyers, what to do? Another court procedure? A transaction? an agreement?

Tasting with a property owner wanting to sell me his wine, I can only buy what I can sell…

Bankers and interest rates, how to finance, when and for how many years. Should I keep growing?

Tax audit, tax lawyer, accountants… In the meantime, the government is spending all its money!

I attended a meal at a 1st growth – VIP treatment. What a fun job!

A few nice properties are currently being sold. Goes to show that our business has a few risk takers!

China passed from the year of the rat to the buffalo. We will be there soon to celebrate F.T.I.’s first anniversary in Shanghai.

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