Thursday, January 15, 2009


We tasted with Peter a few batches of Blanc de Valandraud 2008 from different barrels. Philippe Fezas from the cooperage firm Seguin Moreau was with us: they should be good.
Murielle is upset for the day before, a very important journalist seemed to prefer N°2 to N°1 of the 2006 vintage… We will see what will be written in a few weeks…

Yesterday morning, a broker from Bordeaux, who is in charge of Grand Cru for one of Bordeaux most important wine merchant, visited Valandraud, La Dominique and tasted La Dominique 2006 – 2007 -2008, Valandraud 1998 -2008 and Clos du Beau Père 2006.
I spent part of the afternoon with the team of a friend wine merchant and tasted the whole series of 2004 wines from the Roussillon: Dentelles, Hugo, Constance and 3 Marie from Calvet –Thunevin, Bad Boy 2006, Présidial 2006, Fayat-Thunevin Pomerol 2006 and we planned a trip in Mars to prospect in a new country.
Today, I am in Médoc at Clément Pichon and in Saint Estèphe to visit Phélan Ségur, which I enjoy selling, and I will be at La Dominique this afternoon for a meeting with Mr. Clément Fayat.

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