Friday, January 9, 2009

A bit of promotion for an employment agency !

« Exchange a sales director as charismatic as a red fish for a blonde with full breasts personality …

I don’t know how to make wine, but employment is my business, wine is my passion. Therefore, I am specialized in hiring for jobs in the wine industry.

You can join my on 06 75 79 80 31.

Best wishes to you and your family for this new year.

Best regards

Guillaume Michel

Member of Sum Wine Consult

Immeuble Pont d'Aquitaine
Rue Cantelaudette

Tél. 05 56 38 49 35 »

I received this email following my post, which I answered via blog :
Thank you for your offer, but I was only kidding mixing actual events taking place in various companies: a friend leaving for retirement, a difficult colleague being replaced or a good looking female blonde starting. The large breasts and red fish were only added as a joke.

As for Facebook, I now have 11 friends.

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