Monday, January 5, 2009

Selective sorting

I received many good wishes by sms and have to recognize that despite all the means of communications available to me, except for the blog, I still operate like in the middle-ages.

As for drinking wine, the beginning of the year started slowly: Flor de Pingus 2003 always good and the last sample of Hugo 2007 prepared for David Schildknecht (as my friend Bernard Vandendriessche would say: “Excuse me for my name!” – for it is difficult to pronounce).
This Hugo 2007 was remarkable and made me realize the work accomplished since the first vintages. Today, the wine is still rich and powerful, but fresher, thanks to stricter manual selection to eliminate candied and overripe grapes. Even here, sorting grapes, other than Bordeaux, can provide good results.

Here, we bought a machine called Tribaie, in Maury, sorting is done manually on a moving sorting table. Wednesday, a new optical sorting table will be presented at La Couspaude.
Progress won’t be stopped.

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