Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy end of the week

Thursday, I went to Bordeaux with Patricia and Murielle to Metro, Ikea then various furniture shops in Libourne to buy 2 additional beds for the guest rooms of Clément Pichon and our guest house at Valandraud. And did a bit of work in the office.

Friday at 9am, I participated in the annual meeting of Groupe Fayat which took place at Clément Pichon. This company is increasingly looking like a multinational. The 2008 numbers are good, but they are being realistic on the effects of the crisis on their order sheet. If, in wine we can, and even have to, build inventory to weather a crisis, it is another story for the world of industries. In any case, I am fortunate to work for this family business and I am certain that we are on the right track. The wines regained their high quality level and all we need now is for critics and the market to give us the seal of approval. If Vignobles Fayat represent a small part of revenues for this group, the passion, heart of these vineyards puts it is a very privilege place.

At 2:30pm: 17 people, free students from O.I.V. (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) came to L’Essentiel and stayed until 4:30 pm to talk about garage, accepted wines, Parker’s taste, my story and my activities.
At 5:40pm, the American critic was tasting our 2006-2007.

Saturday, a storm blew over the South West of France, like in 1999 – fortunately, we were in London at that time for Stephen Browett’s birthday.
This storm was quite serious with power outages, uprooted trees, tiles blown-off from roofs, etc… We didn’t experience so much damage. Still we will check out our roofs, electrical systems, etc…
Fortunately, vineyards can handle a storm during this season.
In Bel Air Ouÿ, the last Sequoia was pulled-up. We plan to create a garden around the eco-friendly pool, and plant trees and smaller bushes!

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