Friday, January 2, 2009

End of the year

We drank a few wines during these year end holidays. Meursault 1er cru Le Poruzot dessus 1999 from Rémi Jobard, simply deliciously decadent and Meursault goutte d’or 2002 from Buison Charles, very good but unfortunately drank too young, Roederer Brut which never deceives. Fleur Cardinale 2003 easily drank despite being concentrated. 2003 was a success, thanks to its clayey limestone terroir. And one of the best bottles drank this year: Pingus 2005, an anthology of fruit and spices, obviously a very fine wine and this, despite its young age, a magnum would have done the trick.

Regularly, the population of France is being counted. The last census reported 63 million inhabitants. We can do better!
Terms of payment shortened. Who will finance the stock as it won’t be anymore the responsibility of the supplier. Maybe the buyer will get the necessary financing from their bank to pay for the stock. Our lawmakers have probably thought about it and given the proper directives to banks. It remains to be seen?

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Adam said...

Although you seem to get few 'Comments', I enjoy your comments hugely and check out your blogs daily. They are a very good read. Happy new Year

from Oxford