Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Eco-friendly swimming pools and Facebook

I would like to build an eco-friendly swimming pool to finish the infrastructure of our Chateau Valandraud which will be available for rental starting March (?)
In this case, as soon as it is eco-friendly, the price is doubled, even though I believe it would be normal to be the opposite. The system is simple but as I am not handy, I have to ask professionals to do it!

Facebook: I am making friends rapidly. Unfortunately, how can I give it enough time? I already have 85 friends, some I don’t even know!

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Anonymous said...

Your answer to an Eco-friendly pool! ENVIR-O-SMART Pool Solutions has a backwash system for use on pools that have sand filters. This system cuts wasted water on commercial pools by 215,000 gallons per year, residential by 18,000 gallons. Saves water, chemicals, environment, and MONEY and requires no extra electricity.
For more info:
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