Thursday, January 8, 2009

Facebook : desperately looking for friends

Well, I still don’t understand the use of Facebook, still, I registered ;-))
As for my blog, it is obvious that it was a good idea to listen to my friend’s recommendation in the Spring of 2005.
Actually, since the launch of the French version on April 19, 2005, and if I can trust over-blog’s statistics, 1,487,358 pages were read and it received 405,492 visits.
Today, because of the crisis, or less controversial comments – if not less interesting - our daily visits have come down from 500/600 visits to between 350 and 380.
However, there are 160 “hard core” French readers, attentive to my little stories. If you take in consideration the number of readers visiting the English, Japanese and Chinese versions, we probably reach 1000 connections per day. It’s amazing the impact it has on the wines I write about.

Other than that, cold weather make one say… stupid things, or the truth:

Desperately looking for someone to run a wine merchant company able to do miracles and sell my 2008 Bordeaux, very good and inexpensive!...

Exchange a sales director as charismatic as a red fish for a blonde with full breasts personality…

Frustrated, he would do anything to reach his goal, even kill his father and mother… Unfortunately, he is already orphan…

No matter the questions, as long as one has the answers

Better to get a good note from Parker than a bad one from Wine Spectator

His wine smells bad… I finally understood that he doesn’t have a sense of smell!

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