Thursday, January 15, 2009

Diner at home with Peter – continued

Tuesday evening, dinner for 4 with high quality wines: Pontet Canet 2003, Pauillac, always very good, followed by Chambolles Musigny 1er cru Aux Beaux Bruns from Denis Mortet, also a gem from my cellar, and a great Cognac Fine Champagne 1858 private reserve, a friend’s gift.

Bad Boy: it must not always fun at home…

Finally, I read on the internet (in a very limited publication popular in the 90s) a very bad comment on Bad Boy 05 sold 15 Euros in a store in France.
With such comments, no need to go to school to understand that Mister didn’t like it. He doesn’t like anything “seductive, eye-catching, vulgar” (in fact, it rhymes – in French – like sad and constrain rhyme with class?).
It is certainly true, too extracted, too much wood… Maybe this store has customers who like this sort of wine. In any case, some of our buyers like this wine and our “vulgar-seductive-eye-catching” clients have been buying it!

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