Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kinette and her very private table

Thoughts: If I had a chef at home…
The hardest thing to do when you have talent is for people to know it. In fact, as Jacques Luxey used to say: “having knowledge without sharing pleasure is a pity!”
Then, you must make yourself available to your clients, which is difficult, and even put yourself in their places. What do they expect from me or my product?

Quality without atmosphere or atmosphere without quality – something would be missing. Too much personality can only please strong people. People hesitating, weak will run away and in the worst case bad mouth you. How can we make ourselves bearable to others, even attract empathy?

Having a theme for an event always works, but it needs to succeed to be able to do it again. The price requested and paid for should be forgotten, therefore there should be no surprise or ambiguity.

Kinette and her very private table shouldn’t be perceived as Kinette and her “too” private table.
Her address? Kinette and Michel Gautier, 91 cours le Rouzic 33100 Bordeaux – tel 05 56 86 11 39

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