Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bad boys

I am not well-versed enough to search on the internet anything concerning my company, my wines, or the wines I distribute.
So, thanks to Google, I was able to find many comments written last December on Bad Boy and published on Dé (in French).
I like clear-cut opinion, including negative. I prefer them than loose consensus, such as “interesting”. I would love for all wine connoisseurs to taste blind wines they don’t like along some they like…
Other than that, here a little thought: If you don’t like vanilla ice-cream, why buy some instead of lemon sherbet?
This sort of behavior always surprised me!

“I like wine”, a shop owner told me… “I like 20%!”! This play on words can easily be translated: It is another way to rate wine: after Parker’s Buyer’s Guide, Guide Hachette, etc… it’s often the good quality/price ratio which fuels our distributors.

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