Monday, October 4, 2010

Chateau Ferrand

Saint Emilion is active: another brand new cellar with an obvious search of aesthetic. It is true that the location lends itself perfectly: it was at Chateau Ferrand, owned by Baron Bich (the ballpoint pens).
It is a beautiful property, its style a bit like a sleeping beauty.
As the owners continue their efforts in the vineyards to be eligible to the top category of the classification system... a legitimate objective, they still have to put the necessary financial and human resources...

Anyway, I found the 2009 good, and the quality of the reception made me think that ecotourism is not a word thrown in the air: the reception and the opening of the cellar was pleasant, quality people were invited, a very nice atmosphere and a buffet of rare quality.
Stay tuned, for what matters in our businesses is often perseverance ....
And now the second pass for the pickers to pick our Sauvignon

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