Wednesday, September 22, 2010

China, suite

Beijing: another dinner at Boulud in Beijing with an exceptional setting (former U.S. embassy, I think), friendly service, caring and pro, the wines served in different glasses, an idea from the sommelier. The food equivalent to a two Michelin stars and very competitive prices.
French architects are popular in China, the National Theatre is beautiful thanks to Mr. Paul Andreu’s talent, our wines are available in one of the restaurants here, thanks to the talent of our distributor.

Shanghai World Expo and figures to make your head spin: 300 to 500 000 visitors / day, 60 million Chinese and 10 million tourists!
Bsides, in the French Quarter of Shanghai, the plane trees in the streets give an air of Provence in these old neighborhoods, art nouveau and trendy boutiques coexist well.
Visit of Jean Georges restaurant, sumptuous and vertical Valandraud (it irritates some great colleagues).

Guangzhou, the monsoon rains wash the sky, deserts made with forbidden - durian (strong odor!).
Blind, Branaire Ducru 2002 a modern style I liked, very good wine.
Still in Guangzhou, wine presentation and magic tricks in the office of our importer, who is also a distributor of rare teas therefore, tea tasting in the style of Japanese tea ceremonies, a feast

Everywhere meals at all hours, the Chinese are worse than the French: barely out of the table, they are already salivating at the thought of the next meal ...

The harvest of white, 2nd sorting, expected to take place this week. The reds next week for the young vines in the plain.

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