Monday, October 11, 2010

Dialectic and television

How could you consider yourself explicit when taking two lines of an article out of context?
Unlike you, Laurent, I have a similar palate than Robert Parker and I can also say, in the same sentence, that it is also close to that of Michel Bettane, but very different from yours. This does not prevent me from reading your comments because your vision of wine, even very different from mine and my "gurus" helps me to better my business of owner, wholesaler and consultant!

Television :
Yesterday, I spent the whole day with televisions. In the morning, a Japanese TV station whose main subject was on Léo Shinohara, Caroline and their adventure in wine with his Clos Léo and his cuvee “Caroline” produced in Côtes de Castillon. The potential of this 2010 vintage is really great.
I spent the day with a Swiss TV to see the 2010 harvest and speak about the 2009 vintage.
We harvested a few plots in Haut Mazeris, the enchanting surroundings of Fronsac gives you great photos ops and the grapes are always good… To be eaten: a feast for a king!

Following, with the same team, we went to Château Angelus in Saint Emilion wearing my hat as wholesaler-friend. A large group under a big canopy was in the process of desteming the grapes by hand, a monumental job which made feel younger and reminded me of our beginning in Valandraud.
Grapes still being re-sorted on vibrating tables are placed in the cellar, a real caviar. The best of the best of grapes from a great terroir. Again, they will make here a huge wine, it’s true that Angelus is one of the most consistent wines in quality for over 20 years.
Tasting of 2009: I emptied my glass, as it's too hard to spit out such a good wine. Hubert de Bouard de Laforest received the TV crew, and there too, a group of Chinese were visiting at the same time. This proves the interest China has for our wines in Bordeaux.

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