Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I received lots of comments on my post of Thursday, September 23.
The content certainly made people react: François Mauss, Jean Noël Hervé, Laurentg, Serge and especially this beautiful comment from Marie Rolland, not counting the discussions it created here in the town of Saint Emilion.
It can also attracts people needing to show off, paranoia encouraged by the Internet and blogs, this is not new.
A bit of rain fell last night and helped remove the dust on the roads. I had many appointments since my return from China, including customers, journalists, bankers, personal friends, friends wholesalers to try to forge partnerships for some of my wines, the first sales rep hired for Thunevin-Calvet in our cellar in Maury, wine distributors from China (again), the inauguration of a very nice wine shop in St. Emilion (where a good crowd attended) and also a business dinner last night with members of our club in St Etienne de Lisse whose “temporary” name was found through the game organized by the magazine Terre de Vins : What sort of events, which media to target, which sort of communication activities must be done in common? For our friendly group is both diverse in terms of wine and with our respective images.
To be continued. If you have ideas, don’t hesitate to let me know.

A new book published in English and written by James Lawther, will be available in bookstores, with the headline “The top 100 wines of Bordeaux”, and containing beautiful pictures. Too bad for only listing 100 properties, 150 would have been easier.
Valandraud and Haut-Carles are listed in the Top 100 and, of course, all the modern icons, although a few stars are still missing.

While walking in the valley of Fongaban with my faithful dog Max, I passed in front of a house with a beautiful orchard. The 2 sisters and the partner of “La Puce” were picking apples: perhaps 300 kg from 2 apple trees, and especially “La Puce”, which is now 88 years old, looks like Edith Piaf, with the energy of young girl. She told me “My darling, in 12 years, I will definitely celebrate my 100th birthday! "
What a lesson !

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