Wednesday, October 13, 2010

That’s it !

The harvest has begun full throttle: a team in Margaux, a team in Pomerol, a team in Saint Emilion and perhaps Génissac.
The serenity of the last days gives way to excitement.
The ripening we have long awaited is finally within reach of our secateurs. Our choices will be - or will not - validated by the wines made in the months to come.
Are we, as stated by a famous winemaker of Libourne, in a style similar to 1990?
Modern, for sure but, unfortunately, certainly with low yields!

The blog Terre de Lisse is already accessible (in French)… A first for the collective blog of Fleur Cardinale, Rol Valentin, Valandraud, Pressac and Faugères.

In the last issue of Paris Match, a few pages on the new cellars in Saint Emilion : Faugères, Villemaurine, those built at Cheval Blanc and later La Dominique, and nice pictures of the cellar of Cos d’Estournel in Saint Estèphe.
Architecture at the service of agro-tourism and communication : not everyone has the chance to have the kind of “visibility” of Château de Pressac, or the garage of Valandraud.

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