Thursday, October 7, 2010

2010 Harvest : wait, not wait...

The harvest in Pomerol is well advanced, many stars accustomed to get 100 points by Parker and other notes are, without a doubt, still producing a great vintage.
Saint Emilion, generally late, is starting with the earlier terroirs near the Dordogne, the plateau will follow at the end of the week and next week.
We have not yet started with red grapes anywhere. Beginning will probably be on October 4 and it will most likely be the usual race between Bordeaux, Fronsac, Margaux, Pomerol and Saint Emilion.
I read again Emile Peynaud and think again about Michel Rolland, and I believe that it is certainly easier to start than wait and that, anyway, I've never produced an over-ripe wine.
Too concentrated, it is possible, too much new wood for certain palates allergic to wood, yes, but not too ripe and even some Valandraud have this classic Bordeaux taste, limit Sauvignon like in 1997 which is nevertheless one of the best wines in this vintage.

In the meantime, I taste the grapes at Prieurs de la Commanderie and Fayat in Pomerol, which are being picked and in La Dominique, the first plots are looking really good.
The areas of Cheval Blanc, La Conseillante, L’Evangile, and therefore La Dominique is, one more time blessed by God.
A Parisian friend showed me around the small property he just bought in Pomerol, it reminded me of our beginning. He can not imagine what he got involved in. He must indeed, if he wants to be good, invest money and energy every year, but I know he will cope. It's crazy the number of investors, large or small, who love wine, and want to go to our side, and make themselves what makes them dream.

The daily Sud Ouest and its titles Marianne style, suite…
Following various comments generated by the article in the Sud Ouest about Michel Rolland, François Camper sent me a message telling me that he regrets the content of his notes, that he apologized to Michael Rolland and asked me to please remove any reference to his article on my blog. The link to Terre de Vins no longer leads to his article, but I leave the comments from the fake Francois, no address or name, for my blog’s archive.

No, jokes aside, I leave what was written so far for there are several François : the one who wrote on 09/23/2010 at 5 pm the beautiful response to Marie Rolland, comment N°9 from another François (the right one ?) posted on 09/23/2010 at 10:22 pm and François Mauss comment who knows that it’s not my genre to write and hide my address (for I don’t type my notes as I still use a pen…). It would also be a shame to erase comments from Jean Noël Hervé, Patrick Essa and those written the next day by Michel Bettane or Jacques Perrin.
Anyway, as of today, Cecile will enable comment filtration, because like many other blogs, it becomes necessary: some anonymous messages are not becoming funny but blasphemous and mean. It’s unfortunate, but it's not bad not having deleted a single message from the beginning (I believe only 1 or 2)

On another subject, but in response to Mr Blaquière Jacques: Gérard Colin has been making wine in China for a long time, first at Grace Vineyard in Shanxi, you could probably get his address either from François Mauss, or Hervé Bizeul, or may by the owners of the restaurant La Cadène in Saint Emilion. I heard from him some time ago as he was starting, after discovering a beautiful region to produce wine, partnerships with investors in China.

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