Friday, October 15, 2010

I read it and liked it

I read it and liked it

and didn’t feel like the victim… and Panos Kakaviatos didn’t ask me anything !

Robert Parker and the comic-strip book devoted to him are featured in a web page article on the website of the magazine Decanter, signed Panos Kakaviatos who is a big fan and admirer of Robert Parker, for he writes regularly on Mark Squire’s BB (and also came to check the durability of Valandraud!)

Just a thought: I believe that Panos does not understand the humor of French comics, and read this comic book with his “traditionalist” eyes. After all, he writes for an English magazine !

This is a fiction, where everything that happens to Parker is set in a dream, rather a nightmare, for that matter, for the explanation is given at the end. I found this book rather amusing despite the authors “anti-Parker” bias, judging by the comments of Saverot.

There is, of course, the conspiracy theory (the US globalized taste, dear to Jonathan Nossiter) ... Damn, what power Parker has!
There is humor, a bit in the second degree, a few stories found in the trash, but that’s the price of fame for Parker... and his dogs (Mondocano sex) !

My friends and I are being caricatured. Pat Parker has a big part, very likeable, the drawings are well made, after all I still see, in my case, that Valandraud holds a nice place among the 3 wines supposed to please Parker, between Pavie and Le Pin. I like this combination.
Robert Parker, if you read me, remember that the best score you gave Valandraud is 95 points for the 2005 and 1995.

I hope that people quoted in this comics will read it and take it as a “consecration”, because after all, to be featured, during one’s lifetime, in a comic book, even if loaded, is something I never dared dreaming would happen.
Incidentally, there are a lot of errors, including a terrible one, having one of my friends, Archi, disappear, while he probably still has another 40 years to live thanks to all these good wines he drank.
He may be entitled to an erratum in the next comics book that bring him back to life.

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