Friday, October 29, 2010

Good moments

After visiting the cellars of Clos du Beau Père in Pomerol, Prieuré Lescours and Saint Emilion, I can say that this year, the fermenting wine smell great, with beautiful and bright colors, and that the grape juice is naturally very sweet, with alcohol levels between 14 and 15 degrees for the Merlot and even for the Cabernet Franc.
There is certainly good potential, after tasting the first 2 dry batches, in other words when all the sugar has been transformed into alcohol, and before the maceration phase to extract concentration and harmonize of all components of the wine. Long maceration, or short: it will be short for the Petit Verdot in Bellevue de Tayac.

Cocktail with buddies and friends in the beautiful monoliths cellars of the Manoir of Galhaud’s house where a romantic Chinese film was recently filmed with the very famous Chinese actors Miss Xu Jinglei and Li Yapeng.
Xu Jinglei

This cocktail felt like the happy end of this year's harvest: a few bottles of wine from all over the world, Spain, Chile, southern France and even Pomerol and Saint Emilion!
This moment of conviviality reminded us that time passes too quickly. Muriel and I have already known some of the participants for 25 years: first regular customers of our first restaurant, Le Tertre in Saint Emilion. The opportunity to talk with Martine from Montpellier, from Palavas Les Flots, and of the little wooden train that took us to the beach in the 60s.

Jean Francois and Martine can be proud of their cellar which serves as the setting for wine from the property aging in beautiful barrels.
Saint Emilion and its few cellars dug in the rock are beautiful places to visit.

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