Saturday, October 16, 2010


The harvest is going quickly and grapes are beautiful, ripe and for lovers of analysis, the hypochondriac of pH, total acidity, malic acid, and obsessed by degrees, or as diabetics by sugar level in blood , here are two tests conducted by Rolland’s laboratory on grapes brought in on October 12, 2010:

Malbec from Saint Etienne de Lisse
13.71, ph : 3.38, Total acidity : 2.90, malic acid : 0.7

Merlot from Saint Sulpice de Faleyrens
14.41, ph : 3.54, Total acidity : 3.00, malic acid : 1.1

If these analysis remain stable, I think it’s great. If Valandraud tastes like marmalade, as the recent comic book about Robert Parker implies, it may be a fantasy, and as for its aging capability, we’ll see in 50 years!

Yesterday, we had lunch with the boss of the group MitSiu logistics and his son. He came to present the China Pass: to help us penetrate the Chinese market using adapted logistics to our needs, with the company’s know-how and their platform in the free zone in Guangzhou (Canton). We are already customers of the group MitSiu Blanquefort and likely soon in China?

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