Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hangar 14, quai des Chartrons in Bordeaux...

... Monday, September 27 2010 : Tasting of the official selection of wines included in the Alliance des Crus Bourgeois du Médoc for the 2008 vintage.

This title is a bit long, but this represents a renaissance for these 243 crus bourgeois, for the 2008 vintage, thanks to the talent of the officials from the Alliance and the system selected: an outside agency, Veritas.
The new boss of the Alliance, Frédéric de Luze (Paveil de Luze) replaced Thierry Gardinier (Phelan Segur) and the first tasting in Bordeaux has been organized for Bordeaux wine merchants, brokers and journalists and shows the interest of the industry for these crus bourgeois.
Nevertheless, the huge differences in style, quality, will ultimately lead to a classification system (personal opinion, of course )

Until the next classification for 2009 for which we have not forgotten to apply for Bellevue de Tayac, and expected to be approved, if all goes well.
I just tasted a few wines, but I particularly enjoyed Branas Grand Poujeaux, Tayac and of course Clement Pichon.
Following a brief stop in Margaux to taste the grapes at Bellevue de Tayac and talk a bit with my employees, I made a few phone calls and its already the evening and time for my friends visit, Jean-Paul and Martine, and the opportunity to eat a good meal and a bottle of Linda Flor 2004 (Argentina, Marbec) with amazing ceps.

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