Friday, October 8, 2010

Filtering comments, and more...

I leave this message for “Serge” - whom I asked to call me or give me his phone number in order to discuss his comments which I find sometimes borderline in my opinion.

He did not deign to answer me, his comments are probably enough for him, we tried to look for his (without calling the police ) his name and email address as the one he posts is false.

« okayyy! I did not realize that moderation was just meant to prevent M Bettane to post a few words somewhat virulent, you can never be too careful! However Bizeul is small fry here we go merrily!

Can I ask you a question mr. thuvenin, which I hope will not seem too daring: do you love dogs? »

Nothing to do (although ...) but I collect (even though I'm not a real collector) Nicolas catalogs, and I miss 1928 and 1929, great vintages for even then were vintages of the century !
Nicolas stores, are still everywhere in France, I'm not sure that managers, employees have the opportunity today to browse these nice catalogs, true that they are on the internet, but hey, is not the same.

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